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 Gifts from Saint Nicolas06.12.2018 13:00

Christmas is coming soon so warriors of Faeo are waiting for their presents from Saint Nicolas. Yet Saint is preparing a big surprise for each of World of Faeo inhabitants, so he had to delegate his job to Elders  Baguron and  Verkiry. Pay them a visit to get your share of Christmas presents!

Attention! To receive a gift from Saint Nicolas you need to live in the world of Faeo for at least 30 days!

Author: Lisad

1. SUSLIK BOY 06.12.2018 13:56
2. Nefertiti 06.12.2018 14:19
Thank you for the gift! Apparently the quest was activated (prob. by­ mistake) also in the morning, and some of the players got it then and also now­ so they had double presents. Is there anything you can do about this or we­ follow the same principle of inequality and "its your fault you didn't­ get up earlier"?
3. Kayser Soze 06.12.2018 15:04
inequality hurr durr şqlwjdasdkjqwdkasd wth is wrong with some­ people, just cause others got one more doesn't mean you were mistreated or­ anything, it means they were lucky, grow up and let it go lmao
4. Percyvelle 06.12.2018 15:22
ThankQ admins for this good news , BUT 2 lvl can't take this gifts .­ "Thank YOU"
5. Nefertiti 06.12.2018 15:30
@Kayser Soze, luck its when you open a chest. you recive something , i get­ nothing. A bonus that should be equal to all players but some players recive it­ double has nothing to do with luck.
6. run amok 06.12.2018 17:04
7. Kayser Soze 06.12.2018 21:10
@Nefertiti 21:09 You pull some interesting things out of the stocking­ that Santa Claus has put in there. You receive: Rod 1 pcs, Sign of Friendship 15­ pcs, Magic Snowflake 3 pcs, Ludial Chain Link 1 pcs, 5 (rubies) 21:09 Cake­ 5 pcs, Truffle 35 pcs, Fruit Jelly 50 pcs, Chocolate 15 pcs, Caramel 60 pcs,­ Mana Candy 15 pcs, Mana Doughnut 5 pcs All this moaning and whining for­ these?! Learn to grow up, it makes no difference if you get double the­ amount or not, cheesus crust.
8. Nefertiti 07.12.2018 10:56
you have posts crying about sporty elixirs and crying about shizz beer... if you­ agree with some receiving double gifts and some dont, then stop commenting on­ the post. go do you usual cry on forum about battlefields not working, lags,­ sporty elixirs, events, valour, TH rep,etc....Before attacking someones post and­ label it as a whine or cry, go have a look on your forum posts...
9. Azariah 07.12.2018 13:05
Its not really double when you happened to miss the first day... This is the­ third day in a row Ive gotten it. Stop complaining that you missed 1 day and­ harden up please :D
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