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 Christmas Fair Update21.12.2018 13:00

Defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair! Merchants have decided to update their Fair's assortment! All buying restrictions have also been reset, so you can purchase goods like old amulets using which you'd be able to call Burial Mound Dzerug, Marble Anlagrissa and Razortooth Scorpolion:
For those of you who like red armor merchants have prepared something special. You won’t be disappointed! A special red armor charmed by gnomish sorcery. Armor of this type doesn’t break in battles! Gnomish charms do not last forever though and unbreakable armor will disappear from your backpack in 90 days.

The following items will also be available during this sale:


New gift decks have also appeared on sale:

Rings will also be available for purchase:

For the most eager and hard-working resource gatherers there are Evil Eye Pot available.

Enjoy the fair, warriors!
Also the «diamond» one armed bandit is back! 
Diamond bandit will work till December 27th, 13:00.

The fair will last until December 27th.

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. -Moya- 23.12.2018 11:28
wtf ? where are discount for ahimsha.... ?? it's a joke -_-
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