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 Happy New Year from Help Structures!31.12.2018 13:00

Soon 2018 is coming to an end and we will once again start into a new year – 2019! 



365 days full of action for all the volunteers in game and their endless effort to support Lisad in her work for our server.



Both guards teams,  Human and  Magmar Guards, have grown even closer together over the past year and the interracial teamwork never has been better. At the same time not only the interracial work of the guards has improved but also the relations to guards on other server and the exchange between all guards team is running smoothly.


also were working hard on increasing team and knowledge to be able to help players in all matters related to game play and quests. It is quite a challenge to gather knowledge for the new levels and to explore areas and knowledge where no other COM player has been before! But all  Mentors are more than willing in doing their research to get all questions answered eventually.



 Jesters also were rather busy in inventing new events in forum and facebook, heavily supported by their most famous member Liusaidh. All  Jesters hope that you did enjoy those events and keep participating in the upcoming events soon.  Jesters also hope, that even more will participate with the new  [[art26294_text]]!



 Consecrators still making sure that the relationships of all the couples in love become a legal matter. But they are also complaining, that there is too many sinning couples out there who did not come to make the attempt to get their relationships into a legal matter finally! So let's hope there will be some more marriages in 2019.



Last but not least we all have to acknowledge the great work of our  Chroniclers who managed to get the COM library almost completely up-to-date. Only some minor updates are missing still, which sure will be done soon as well. At the same time  Chroniclers kept entertaining everyone with reports and information during the Clan Wars Season 2018.


Of course, there also were minor setbacks but all in all it was a very successful year for all volunteers and we all hope that with our initiative and commitment we can contribute to make 2019 a successful year for you too!


Well, it's been enough talking already. All   Guards and  Mentors Chroniclers Jesters and  Consecrators wish you all an awesome Happy New 2019 Year!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. anastopulos 31.12.2018 16:20
happy new year to all :)
2. mlodfr1 31.12.2018 17:58
happy new year
3. Eliminator 31.12.2018 18:02
Best wishes for all the players and all the workers of the severe dragon war ^_^
4. mystic-core 31.12.2018 20:14
Thank you Lisad! For the New year best wishes to you Lisad and all­ administration and to all players in WoD! Have fun guys and galls in­ game and in real life!
5. wibo2 31.12.2018 20:29
happy 2019
6. LunĂ¡tica 01.01.2019 04:19
Happy new year 2019 and good luck for all !!!

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