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 A special giveaway!28.01.2019 16:00

"The Gods favor me!" - Jester proudly present VJ BK 



The most exciting and important new video "The Gods favor me" of Battl3k1ng69 is being released today.


Watch here!



And you have the chance to win a Certificate for 10 diamonds!



What do you have to to win?


- Watch his latest video and comment on it on his youtube channel. It can be positive or negative.

- You need to play Warofdragons on COM and your account should at least be level 3 and not in jail.

- Post your game nick with your comment.

- The winner will be chosen randomly by VJ BK himself on Monday, 4th of February 2019


Don't miss your chance and start posting:  



Let the battle begin!


Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

21. Lisad 29.01.2019 16:48
If you haven't noticed, we have been supporting YouTubers for almost a year­­ with a system message, inviting everyone to visit the dedicated thread:­­
Secondly,­­ the video is not monetized, so the player gains no real money from doing­­ it.
Thirdly, the player is not trading the in-game item, he bought it and­­ decided to give it away to another player.
Fourthly, the Jesters have­ decided­ to help the player with making news about his initiative, as well as­ helping him­ with some advice if needed.
22. _Hunterskull_ 29.01.2019 18:26
it is clearly adversitement at main page. if you read what i write we dont say­ anything at that forum post messages. you are now making focus at here. This­ focus is absolutliy different from forum past. think about in real life. You can­ say x market is too cheap to your friend. this is ok but if a tv channel says it­ x market is too cheap , that channel takes money for saying that. It is easy you­ pay , you get more visitors. this is same. but some differents. From that video­ clicks and comments increase him value and more profit adversiments he gets for­ his videos. The other thing. in game reward from a player to another player.­ you have gift items options . he can do that if he wants gift something. go open­ there buy it and gift a random player. same as other thing. but if he do this he­ will get 1 visitor and 1 comment on video. This is clearly has a side event.­ This is against rules. This need to be remove and these events need to be­ decline.
23. Nightw7ng 29.01.2019 18:40
Just for stats, can someone let us know the entire active population of COM­ server and total number of views and comments needed for BK to actually start­ earning??
24. -Fallen- 29.01.2019 18:44
You need 1000subs and 4000 watch hours now to monetize your channel!!
25. Nightw7ng 29.01.2019 18:49
@-Fallen- so i checked... and i dont think all of COM combined can give him­ that, not with all these facts about sponsoring around. so i don't think­ this should be an issue right?
26. Lisad 29.01.2019 18:53
There's nothing wrong with the growth of a YouTube channel related to our­ game. If other YouTubers wish to host any event, I would gladly help them­ organize it. there will be no further comments on the matter and any further­ complaints regarding the matter will be removed/blocked.
27. -TheRiddle- 29.01.2019 23:34
@Lisad, can I ask what's the difference in BK doing something like that with­ all the encouragement, while for example Acro's forum event was made to­ stop? Both held by players, both rewarded by players, one on private youtube­ account, the other on games forum. That's kind of weird, at least to me. But­ hey, who am I to ask, I left the game quite a bit ago ^^
28. -Fallen- 30.01.2019 08:33
@Warlordekkie nahhh and he said he does not make videos for money and maybe if­ this was years back when ppl actually played the game maybe he had chance to get­ to those numbers not now though!
29. Lisad 30.01.2019 10:51
-TheRiddle-, The first one was also authorised and encouraged by me and ran for­ some time.
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