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 Magic storm in Tallaars Halls!08.02.2019 13:00

The air trembles with the roar of the winds of magic. The raging element distorts the reality, changing the usual rules of the game... And now the rage of the first-born energy reached the Tallaar Halls, mixing the participants and opening up new opportunities for them!

From now until the end of the event, all the participants of the battles in the Halls receive a Tallaar's Rage at the entrance. This effects gives you 100% immunity to stun from physical attacks.

In addition, the received physical damage does not decrease when you are in block (applied damage decreases same as before).

And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. It will last until 12:00, February 11th.

You will also have double valor and no-break during the weekend in Tallaar's Halls!

The storm will last until 12:00, February 11th.

Fight under new rules! Let the storm come stronger!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. full of dramatic 08.02.2019 13:59
Yeeeah , finally!
2. Dahna 08.02.2019 14:51
the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. super, but­ isn't refreshed from previous event, so ... can buy only what we do not need­ :)
3. Jaffa 08.02.2019 15:02
Even more fascinating is that sale only applies to diamond items
4. - Tinus - 08.02.2019 15:31
@ Dahna hello. these elixirs can be bought once in exactly 7 days, so the­ restriction should be reset for you soon.
5. Dahna 08.02.2019 16:13
lol tinus, you're funny with your explains. these elix can also be bough­ every days, when they reset every days for some event. Here they just forgot to­ reset the shop. And no, for me 7 days is at end of event, so even no need to­ wait that that reset alone. Job half done is job not done, that's all.­ But we are used.
6. Drayne09 08.02.2019 16:31
7. - Tinus - 08.02.2019 17:12
@Dahna this shop will wait till exact 7 days. For the future shops there will be­ a reset. Right now it aint possible. I'm sure that you and me like to buy­ pots but we must wait and more then reporting this I can't do. I hope it­ come fast for you. Just check every day the pots. They will come. Good day­ further!
8. Morkai Scrunchya 08.02.2019 17:12
Interesting...thanks for info Martinni. .... Dear ADMINS: Might I­ suggest to change that reset time to 5 days - I suppose Im not the only one who­ will have to wait for sunday evening with shoping now... week after week - which­ kind of beats the sense of giving players buff for battlefields , no?
9. - Tinus - 08.02.2019 17:20
@ Morkai, I reported it today about that pots didn't reset and this weekend­ they couldn't fix it. They are know about today and they make sure that it­ won't happen again by next shop.
10. Dahna 08.02.2019 18:02
Tinus ....I know they will come (should come is more apropriated) at end of­ event, so no I will not check. I don't know with who you spoke, but­ really i start to be bored that they take us for idiots with such­ answers. Why they can't reset it this week end when for some event they­ reset the same shop every days? Isn't hard to say, the guy doing that­ job forgot and went in week end, nobody is able to do it. Admit a mistake­ is better than lie, they did so many times, nobody trust them­ anymore. Is same for mentor, some aren't able to say "I­ don't know" and prefer answer stupidity. Some other simply say: "i­ don't know, i will ask". Who do you trust? the lier who answer or the­ one who admit he don't know? My choice is done. And is same for this staff.­ So no need to try to defend them, they already lost all credibility.
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