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 The Rescue of the Organiser continues!09.10.2019 15:00

As you know, the Festival Organiser has been poisoned by enemies and is on the verge of death. If we do not prepare the antidote on time, he can die! Just recently, you had to look for a lost medicine recipe throughout Faeo, but this is not enough - there are even more serious trials ahead...

Even the recovered recipe will not help us heal the Organiser right away. It turns out that there are not enough rare ingredients for the potion, and these ingredients are nowhere to be found on any of the continents. They are not here today, but they definitely were before, which means... That's right! This means that you need to go back in time for them! However, we are now running into the future instead - you will find everything out yourself! Contact one of the Elders, Verkiry or Baguron, in the city squares of Dartrong and O'Delvays to complete a new pre-holiday task.

The Salvation from the Past quest is available to players who have reached level 3 and only after they completed the Preparations for a Hearty Celebration and Poisoned Celebration quests.

After completing this trial, you will get access to the Elements for Unarius daily quest, which will become available the next day after you complete the Salvation from the Past quest.

Saving the Festival Organiser is our duty!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. i N S a N i T Y 09.10.2019 15:20 - can't be­ obtained because battlefields are turned off
2. Dahna 09.10.2019 15:48
shedule are really usefull for plane things ... launch pvp event, quest that­ requiere BF and then close ALL bf for technical works... it's a bit... how­ to say .... sad? hillarous?
3. nero85 09.10.2019 15:56
WTF pvp???? how to?????? with the server closed you're are genius­ !!!!
4. Lord-Sir-BRANDON 09.10.2019 16:42
halls and anciete plateau open go there
5. Lord-Sir-BRANDON 09.10.2019 16:44
6. Mystral01 09.10.2019 17:41
why can't you be professionnal like others games? Don't put something if­ you can't control it ... seriously you find your ideas on cereal box or­ what??? If we can't close the quest, the minimum is to give to all players­ compensation in anniv tokens for the days where can do nothing, because a lot of­ players started your GREAT quest.
7. Nefertiti 09.10.2019 18:46
I took the pages quest today. After taking it, i took also the new quest (the­ one n this news post). Seems that i cannot receive anymore pages from ressources­ due to acceping this new quest. Since battlefields are blocked and i­ cannot Decline this new quest, how are we supose to get tokens in the next 5­ days?
8. hellrocker28 09.10.2019 19:47
well i can tell only one thing, our admins are Geniuses :smile:
9. hellrocker28 09.10.2019 19:50
maybe they secretly want us to leave game so they dont have to handle this­ server ? :p
10. Vlad Barbarul 09.10.2019 19:56
is so hard to translate from russian in english?
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