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 CrackerJacks08.11.2019 15:00

Faeo is vast and so is the knowledge and the secrets that are held within it. No one person can truly know it all, or even comprehend it fully. Still, there is desire for this knowledge. This desire has given birth to the team of 'CrackerJacks'.


They are formed with one goal in mind, which is to bring forth the lesser known knowledge. CrackerJacks aim to convey tips and tricks to you all that you can use in various parts of your Faeo life.






Did you know?


  • "Event November - Liche Invasion: «Resurrect the dead» from Shiko the Paladin - If your goal is to collect Mithril Palms, then it is better to not do this quest because for 3 coins and Amulet of Resurrection 1 pcs, you will get 50 silver and Premium Elixir of Life 6 pcs."

  • Event November - Liche Invasion: The quest November «Cross Palm with Gold» from Nadilarie / «Sheamus and the Liche Coins» from Sheamus the Joker

    This quest is not profitable because by burning three coins with a Simple Necrosphere, you will get three Mithril Palms, but you will get only 2 Mithril Palms from this quest.”   

  • "Event November - Liche Invasion: The quest «Power over Zombies» from Shiko the Paladin - If you need Summon Amulets - Zombie, then this quest is a good way to get them because in Reward Shop they will cost more." 

  • "Instance Ivmuar Manuscript Treasury Trove: If you killed the Troll and got 1K (or 2K) reputation, you can save 5g and go to the next level Ivmuar right after that. But in this case, you can check stashes only on one level."  - "powered by Mercury"

  • "For people who like to use "Bear Superblow", if you are under any kind of stun effect, and do a small stun upto two hits before finishing the "bear superblow", the superblow will not stun. This also applies to hypnosis magic. If you use hypnosis magic before finishing the combo, the stun will not work. So, your best option in this situation is to skip turn." - "powered by Totok"


Big Thank You to all Contributors.

You will receive your codes in the next days via ingame mail. 




You want to share your own secret tips with the community
Send a letter with your tip to  CrackerJack!


For every published tip you will get a code!


Author: tceba, editor note: tceba

1. _Hunterskull_ 08.11.2019 17:26
who is sharer first 3 ?
2. Mercury 09.11.2019 03:07
@ _Hunterskull_ I'm the one who wrote them.
3. Mercury 09.11.2019 03:18
pale_massacre was the person who proof-read all the tips
4. JuanUltimate 09.11.2019 13:06
LOL, the first 3 seems to be written by some 7 years old kid for the class­ homework. Really, its funny to me xD

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