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 Magic storm on Plateau!10.01.2020 16:00

Mages of Faeo haven't yet finished investigating the magic storms in different parts of the world, when a similar storm has already broken out on Ancient Plateau and Plateau of Silence!
The only, but very significant change that the storm has brought into the usual battle rules on the Ancient Plateau and the Plateau of Silence is the inability to use most of the negative effects on the enemies in the above mentioned battlefields! But if one already has a negative effect on their character, it will not prevent them from visiting these!
The very goddess Sheara has decided to strengthen the determination of the warriors and sent her blessings to Marmars and Humans!

Also, you will get Twelve-fold Might and Twelve-fold Fury after teleporting on Plateu by clicking on !
Besides this, for each victory the Battle in Caves, year 386 you will receive 10 - 140 Trophy Hunters reputation and for each defeat or for each draw in Battle in Caves, year 386 you will receive 5 - 70 Trophy Hunters reputation.
And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of Marks of the Arbiters of Fate has began in the Premium Shop. It will last until 10:00 13.01.
Ready to meet the changed rules fully armed?
Will you have enough courage?
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

11. Alex321 12.01.2020 12:31
red weapons and bows supposed to be easy breakable they even removed the­ option to option more of them, just dont die and you wont break them
12. T-DeAdLY-J 12.01.2020 12:40
Or work on your character and get purple, symbol it, rune it, resin it and be­ happy in life ^^
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