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August 2020
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 Gungwars Season I14.01.2020 17:00

After a suicide mission to rescue Ban Coolo from the UyarrMo, the Underground Knights dispatch to the Plateau of Silence to destroy the second Chaos Gate. Meanwhile, Nuke struggles help the Black Knight return from a chaos spell, without falling into Poseidopus' trap.

At the same time Elder Ben Kobi has sent Neia to fight her way into the deep Swirling Mists to convince the Chosen to support them in their war against the Chaos.



Luke the Orphan - Nuke Highflyer

Edera - Neia Highflyer

Elder Baguron - Elder Ben Kobi

Chief Kort - Ban Coolo 



Your task:


Jesters are in movie mood and want you to


  • re-design a poster of any classic or current cinema blockbuster. 

  • invent a WoD-related title and write a short preview, located in the world of Faeo.

  • add your starring list!


 Event Schedule 


15.01.2020 - 27.01.2020

Post your entries before 27.01.2020 15h00 game time


27.01.2020 - 29.01.2020

 Jesters will choose the winners


Evaluation system:

Each artwork will be evaluated on a 10-point scale.

The following criteria will influence the evaluation:

- Originality of the idea

- Matching the criterias and demands

- Details in design/story telling

- "wow!"- factor





 Terms and Conditions 


  • This is a contest for individual players from level 3 with no active curses for rule violation
  • The artwork can not contain any explicit sexual material or rude, shocking content.
  • The artwork must comply with the game and forum/chat rules, which can be found here: Game Rules and Forum Rules.
  • The artwork should be unique within the project "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" and must be of your own property. Copyrighted material may not be submitted.
  • The artwork should be made by yourself. A bought cake or images created in Photoshop or other design programs will not be accepted.
  • The artwork should be designed so that it looks and feels like they belong within the fantasy universe of "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons". You may not use references to common everyday motives/objects like mobile phones, modern guns, modern vehicles; signs of currencies, pacifism, radioactivity; references to real-world sport teams, among other references that fit poorly within the genre.
  • Fascist, nationalistic, racist and any other political symbolism may not be used.
  • Imagery related to narcotics, drugs, slavery and other illegal activity may not be used.
  • Only entries who meet the requirements will be rewarded. 






First places


100 1



Second places


50 1



Third places


30 1



All other participants who meet the requirements






Blockbuster 2020  

We wish to entertain you!

Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. Baelin Fisherman 15.01.2020 02:24
The artwork should be made by yourself. A bought cake or images created in­ Photoshop or other design programs will not be accepted. Cool contest,­ but do that rule apply here? xD
2. Aixlinn 15.01.2020 06:41
:D arrf, system failure, proofread was bugged. And no, this rule does no apply­ here. But ofc you also can present your blockbuster poster as cake. Maybe it­ will get you even some extra points :DDD
3. _HodoR_ 18.01.2020 01:01
zzzzZZZzzzZZZZzzzZZZzzzz ┐Really George?

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