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 CrackerJacks21.01.2020 17:00

Faeo is vast and so is the knowledge and the secrets that are held within it. No one person can truly know it all, or even comprehend it fully. Still, there is desire for this knowledge. This desire has given birth to the team of 'CrackerJacks'.



They are formed with one goal in mind, which is to bring forth the lesser known knowledge. CrackerJacks aim to convey tips and tricks to you all that you can use in various parts of your Faeo life.



Did you know?


  • "Most of us use quick pockets for Arhas Amulet (or other mounts), food or Amulet of teleport. Some players even use them for Treasure Maps, if they have to open a lot. But what a lot of us didn't realize is that you can use quick pocket for Totem of Zara which cannot be used in battle otherwise. If you put it in quick pockets, you can use the totem on your enemy while you are in a fight."

  • "It's cheaper to buy diamond certificates for thalers and using those diamonds to buy permanent mount; than it is to buy permanent mount for thalers. - "powered by Jabba the Hutt"

  • Black Dragon Liqueur and Celebration Punch can't combine with each other but if you join fight with Black dragons bless (with only couple of minutes left) and it's over in fight - you can use punch too. You lose regeneration of hp but get another effects of punch and black dragon in this fight."  - "powered by YaRRi"

  • "While fighting, you can use keyboard arrows to attack faster. Arrows are faster than a mouse."  - "powered by NekrosisOR"


Big Thank You to all Contributors.

You will receive your codes in the next days via ingame mail. 




You want to share your own secret tips with the community
Send a letter with your tip to  CrackerJack!


For every published tip you will get a code!

Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. -Marjt- 21.01.2020 17:09
Extra tip: If you buy precious chests, you'll be decivied and the same as­ always won't, for same amount spent! :) and one fmore for the­ road: Luck is parents, like santa

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