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 Big update is live!25.03.2020 17:00

Dear warriors! All the forecasts of astrologers, prophetic dreams of foretellers and visions in crystal balls converge in the same one thing: soon great changes are coming in Faeo. A major update to the game, which the inhabitants of both continents have long dreamed of, has been released!
What has been added?
First, we list the main innovations. So, in the game will appear:
The veil was dispelled, the contours of the approaching future became clearer. Now for the details!
Mystic reputation
The Mystic Trail runs through a fog full of ghosts and blurry visions. The mentor for the new reputation is also unusual - the little girl Kari, in whose veins flows both the blood of people and the lava of the Magmars. This young child spent centuries in a magical dream and has intimate knowledge.
To get acquainted with Kari, you need to reach level 9, have 25 units of Secret knowledge and complete the starting task of the witches Blodiara or Maritsa. After that, the girl will begin to give you daily tasks to exterminate various monsters and superbeings from magic scrolls. The reward will be an increase in Mystic's reputation and improved versions of well-known universal blessings.
New Worship Medals
The «Medals of Worship» for the Ranger Reputation and Tailsime Protectors will become available.

Players will receive the highest recognition among the protectors of the sacred tree by completing the assignment given by Tiu Mia or Lea Mia. It will be necessary to find out what caused the huge crack on the trunk of Tailsime and put an end to the powerful enemy guilty of this disaster.

The rangers will get a chance to achieve the highest award of their brotherhood if they fulfil the special assignment of Vaslav or Hawken. The final test challenges patience, wisdom and perseverance and only faithful pets will help you.
New Astral Bosses

Astral hunters will test their strength in battles with new prey. Now, warriors with a reputation of no lower than 2000 will be able to summon the Astral projection of the Emperor Scorpion to battle, and hunters whose reputation has reached 2500 will be able to summon the Astral projection of Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul.

Recipes for Manufacturing Professions

Alchemists will receive 6 new recipes for preparing enchanted and epic extracts. The arsenal of sorcerers will be replenished with 3 new recipes for weapons ointments.

All three manufacturing professions will join forces to create new jewellery that combines the wisdom of alchemy, the spell of witchcraft and jewellery. The ruler is called the «Trinity», it includes military and protective rings and amulets. They can be made in the Elt cube, using just three blanks from each of the professions.
Elt-Cube recipes:


Add one of the following items:​


New Legendary Ring

A new powerful artifact will appear - the legendary Unity ring. To get it, you need to complete a series of 5 fascinating tasks given by the sorcerers Khorsungum and Arnabag: «Awakening of magical power», «In search of the Soul Trapper», «The depths of dark magic», «Shadows of forgotten heroes» and «Unity of two worlds».

This ring can be further improved by the sorcerer. For this, you will need special Honorary Tokens. Warriors who have reached level 9 and completed the quest «Unity of Two Worlds» will be able to earn them by completing daily and weekly tasks.

  1. The daily mission «On the defence of Faeo». Available from Shiko the Paladin in the Royal Tomb or Tomb of Kings. Updated at 04:00 server time.
  2. The daily quest «Steel is tempered in fire». Available at Erifarius in the Foothills and at Striagorn at Hell's Pass. Updated at 04:00 server time.
  3. Weekly assignment «For the Good of Science». Can be obtained from the Alchemists Cagliostro and Veddun in the City Squares. Updated every Monday at 00:00 server time.
  4. Weekly PvE-task «Monsters' Attack». Available from the Shiko the Paladin in the Royal Tomb or Tomb of Kings. Updated every Monday at 00:00 server time.
  5. Weekly PvP task «Winner's Way». Available at Erifarius in the Foothills and at Striagorn at Hell's Pass. Updated every Monday at 00:00 server time.
  6. The task of improving the Unity ring is «Gaining Strength». You can get it from the sorcerer Arnabag on Barrow of Sadness or from the sorcerer Khorsungum in Gorge of Gondi, collecting the necessary number of tokens.

The higher the level of your ring, the more powerful the blessing you can receive. At the same time, the magic forces of «Unity» are awakened only with the help of the magic powder of the Mistflower. Perpetual vials with this powder are issued after completing the quest chain and receiving the ring. Shabby violets, with a life span of 3 days, are obtained by completing the repetitive mission «For the Good of Science». Unstable vials, with a life-span of 7 days, may be purchased at various sales, promotions and in special stores (for example, in the Patrons Shop in the arenas of capitals).
More valour!

Changes will affect the Great Battles and some battlefields - now here you will receive even more valour and reputation.
New 1 vs 1 tournament

The development of a new format of the competition, the 1-on-1 Tournament, is in full swing. Stay tuned - soon you will be able to take part in its testing!
Server merge

In the coming months, two servers will merge - PL and COM. The move will be carried out as gently and comfortably as possible for the players. As a result, the economy will level out, the population will increase, and the game will become even richer and more exciting!

Changes are at the doorstep, warriors - the wait is over soon!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. -Zuko- 20.02.2020 16:07
Finally !!!!!!!!
2. Asburgico 20.02.2020 16:08
3. _tadeo_ 20.02.2020 16:10
omg yeah
4. Blessed _ One 20.02.2020 16:11
hmmm I do speak polish .....
5. Liam321 20.02.2020 16:12
6. AJAN-6 20.02.2020 16:13
wow nice
7. Hakan The Khan 20.02.2020 16:14
8. lamabojowaT250 20.02.2020 16:15
Zajebiste :)
9. lamabojowaT250 20.02.2020 16:17
Nice news to hv my polish friends in this server, but u need to work in things­ like mobs ratio, more ressources per locationa and the castle, how to get it, if­ max here its only 8 clans
10. vermili0n 20.02.2020 16:21
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