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 Aprilís Fools week31.03.2020 18:00

This week the Jesters are giving you the opportunity to "Player vs Player race" in our April’s fools week in our forum. Every day of this week there will be riddles, puzzles and other brain teasers, challenging you to solve them within in 30 minutes after being posted.



But …

… it will be a "Player vs Player race". Any player, the challenger, may post a riddle, puzzle or brain teaser according to the theme of that day. And now the race begins: if the task is correctly solved by another player, the solution finder, within 30 minutes, this player will be the winner. If not, the challenger will have won this round. To make it even more interesting it will be a competition between the races. If a Magmar posts a question, only Humans are allowed to answer and vice versa.


Please note:

  • A new task can only be posted 30 minutes after the current one.
  • The challenger has to confirm any correct answers that are posted or must reveal it after the 30 minutes have elapsed. If there is no confirmation from the challenger, no one will receive points for that round.
  • You cannot be a challenger every round. There has to be at least three other challengers before you post another question, eg: You, Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, You. However, you can still answer every question that a player of the opposite race may post.
  • If a task has been posted at 12:35, then the next one can only be posted at 13:05
  • Repeated failure to comply with the rules of the event will lead to complete disqualification from the event.
  • The use of multi accounts is prohibited.


The event itself is pretty simple. Every day of the week has a different theme:



The event is pretty simple.
Every day of the week has a different subject:



Tease your brain!



Famous Arts - Who is the artist?



Trivia Quizzes



Celebrity Quiz








Tuesday Codes & Ciphers

Every new game starts at 12h00 and will run till the next day 11h59.




Each day there will be a new thread with an example question, so please make sure to use the correct thread.


For every task there is a reward of 3 x Golden Easter Egg - 1 x Golden Easter Egg for the challenger and 2 x Golden Easter Egg for the winner. Only the first correct answer within the time frame (30 minutes) is valid. This also means if the task has not been solved within the 30 minutes period, the challenger will receive 1+2 Golden Easter Egg.




The players who accumulate the most points, during the entirety of the event, will also receive Talent Coin


1. Place



2. Place



3. Place



Further Jesters also show their gratitude to every challenger to post 5 valid challenges in a daily theme with 20 Talent Coin.


The rewards will be distributed in the following week.


On your marks …  get set … ASK!

Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. T-DeAdLY-J 31.03.2020 19:37
Please note that the thread for Wednesday 01 April is visible now, however­ entries may only be posted from 12:00 (midday) tomorrow. Good luck to­ everyone!
2. tide 01.04.2020 16:35
what do i have in my pocket?
3. t-man 02.04.2020 15:47
your hand
4. Hazzelinko 10.04.2020 12:59
Any news on the timeline for egg distribution?

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