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 Magic storm on Plateau!11.09.2020 17:00

Mages of Faeo haven't yet finished investigating the magic storms in different parts of the world, when a similar storm has already broken out on Ancient Plateau!
The only, but very significant change that the storm has brought into the usual battle rules on the Ancient Plateau is the inability to use most of the negative effects on the enemies in the above mentioned battlefields! But if one already has a negative effect on their character, it will not prevent them from visiting these!
The very goddess Sheara has decided to strengthen the determination of the warriors and sent her blessings to Marmars and Humans!

Also, you will get 5 Gift of Power and 1 Warrior Fury after teleporting on Plateu by clicking on !

Please note that this time, you will only receive the Gift of Power when you enter the Ancient Plateau.
You will also have no-break during the Magical Storm!

 And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. It will last until 11:00 14.09
Ready to meet the changed rules fully armed?
Will you have enough courage?
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

11. --TIOLAVARA-- 11.09.2020 17:55
Not work well
12. - Thankful - 11.09.2020 17:58
You post this 5:00 PM A magic storm raging across the Plateau of Silence and­ Ancient Plateau has temporarily changed the rules of combat on these­ battlefields. and then you activate this­ this is­ ONLY ancient platue not both thanks for nothing again and thats what I will­ spend buying diamonds this week too , give nothing get nothing.
13. Hakan The Khan 11.09.2020 17:58
I love seeing people cry about how this is not magic storm, how it's not­ normal plateau and all. How about all of you little suckers man up and learn to­ fight? How about you try to stun kill a high level with your head, not with all­ the buffs you get for free? Learn to fight like a man. Don't hide behind­ events. This IS the normal plat. This IS how it was before and how it should be­ (except for the part of 5 buffs in ancient, that should also go away). Stop­ crying now.
14. noname42 11.09.2020 18:47
I SEE SO PAYPALERS WANT PLATEO WITHOUT EFFECT AND THEY GET IT , for me no­ problem i m lvl 16 and i have enough wisdom and make enough money but for all­ other search another game , did i understand right ?
15. -Septimus- 11.09.2020 20:05
really sad:))))))))) no events work :P
16. -gargola91- 12.09.2020 03:40
This event is very ugly, they should leave it without the rules of the levels,­ because that way one does not gain almost value. always damaging the game
17. TotoK 12.09.2020 15:17
remove this change noone come there. boring event)
18. Wind_Caller 12.09.2020 16:18
No idea why they have decided to introduce this change but yeah cheers admins­ for not listening lol.
19. vermili0n 12.09.2020 16:28
they dont care our server, they just care russia server
20. Mr_MayheM 13.09.2020 04:49
I really think is funny people that do not care about Plat event come to the­ news to make comments. I for one would love to have as many little level come­ with full buffs and make it hard for that one shot kill. Because the longer they­ last the more people come and WE ALL HAVE FUN!! Today I saw the most­ high level humans in plat since this events been on for the last 2 times and I­ bet they enjoy killing I hope to see more of them.
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