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 Facebook Clan challenge11.01.2021 17:00

February shall be a month full of challenges for you in  Facebook. Our challenge will be "Clans - who is the best and bravest across the servers?"



We call you and your clans to a competition. However, to make it more interesting, it will be a cross-server competition, between COM and DE.

To start this competition we need your help.
Talk to your clan members to decide if you want to face this challenge and spread the news in your alliances and friends lists. If you should decide to accept this, register your clan by private message on  Facebook before 22.01.2021.
Prove to the DE Server that COM clans are the best!
How it will work?
On Monday 2nd February 2021, you will receive the first task on  Facebook. This will then run until Sunday 7th February 2021, 23:59 server time. The tasks will be adjusted for all levels and the results will be calculated depending on the amount of members in your clan.


May the best clan win!



Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

1. lol666 11.01.2021 18:36
i wonder what can they put on to balance the clans....
2. Usurper 11.01.2021 19:59
There is no need to be a competition... We all can agree­ is the best clan­ out there.Give them their medal and be done with it
3. --IBRA-- 11.01.2021 21:35
4. killdancin 12.01.2021 05:04
Hey! we are being affected for the social media, what about Mewe? a lot of­ people are leaving from Facebook-Twitter.
5. Dahna 12.01.2021 13:09
Prove to the DE Server that COM clans are the best! ... Was a time, we had­ clan war for that .... You removed without the begining of an explain .... Now­ facebook .... But I joined a game, not facebook.

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