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 Christmas Trade Fair23.12.2013 16:00

Warriors, it's Christmas – a time of joy, a time of gifts! But aren't the best gifts the ones you give to yourself? Menachem and Samary have managed to convince the travelling merchants to set up their stalls in snowy Faeo once again, and to put some special rare items on offer this Christmas!

  Winter Fair in the free RPG War of Dragons!  
Several people mentioned in their Christmas wish lists that they would like to see whole weapons and bows being offered again. And Sheara has provided: as well as fragments, you'll also see whole red weapons and bows. And, with red being such a festive colour, exclusive red armour will be on offer once more!


Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 10)

 Winter Chests16.12.2013 12:00

A whole sleigh full of chests has just arrived at the City Fair and these chests were brought into the Precious Chest shop straight away. A closer look reveals that nobody has never seen the likes of these chests in Faeo before. Whatever could be hidden in these Winter Chests?



Give yourself a Christmas Present by getting a Precious Winter Casket, a Precious Winter Coffer, a Precious Winter Strongbox and a Precious Winter Trunk – with a bit of luck this will be an unforgettable Christmas! But do be careful because these chests have come directly from the North Pole and are ice-cold - so cold that you could even find some Frozen Elixir inside them. On opening these, you will obtain some Christmas Elixir.

Author: Hermano  More (comments: 0)

 One-Armed Bandit13.12.2013 16:00

Warriors, the One-Armed Bandit will be in operation again from Friday, December 13, 15:00 Faeo time for your amusement. It disgorges mounds of Gold coins right into the hands of the lucky winners. Winnings clink in players' pockets, and superstitious players hold firmly onto their lucky charms. It goes without saying that, although this game is risky, it is great fun – all the warriors have been caught up in the gambling fever. You can try to win the jackpot wherever you are, the one-armed bandit can be reached from every location!
But who knows when Lady Luck will smile on them? She is very capricious – sometimes she showers the fortunate with her gifts, while at other times she can take the last copper coin from a poor wretch. To protect you from large losses the  One-Armed Bandit has been configured to only accept large bets when you have sufficient money in your wallet to live well. In other words, the more  gold you have clinking in your pocket, the more money you can bet, so as to win big! But the opposite is also true: If a warrior's wallet has been empty for a long time, the machine will only allow him to place a small bet. This means that his loss will be smaller if he does not win.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 0)

 Mysterious Chests06.12.2013 10:24

Just recently, the Elders arranged for the sought-after, precious chests to be sold at the City Fair in order to ensure more security. But all these efforts seem to have been in vain, since once again a whole delivery of precious chests just disappeared without a trace. But wait a minute... did they really just disappear without a trace? Maybe one or other of the monsters pinched a few chests? You might be able to get a chest by defeating a monster of your own level! At least the Elders are satisfied that the mysterious chests are still locked, so nobody can get at the content. Unless someone finds out where the keys are


Who would not like to ride around on a Scorpolion or a Cerrador ? Who never dreams of finding a certificate, which can be easily exchanged for a purple tool or even a red weapon? Which rogue could help you find the keys?


Here is an insider tip that can make you rich and happy, but you must never, ever mention it to Baguron or Verkiry: From December 9, 8 am Faeo time until December 10, 10 pm Faeo time Gloum the Swindler and Chigrik the Thief are selling the matching keys in the shops at Barrow of Sadness or in the Glade of Dreams.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 4)

 The Goldobot de Luxe 500029.11.2013 13:00

The Gnomes of Faeo have been wondering for a long if it was possible to augment or produce that you can buy all the nice things you like or need without hard work. That sounds too good to be true? Don't underestimate the Gnomes!

Just recently they have actually succeeded in building such a device and in order to test it you can now get it almost for free at the Wonder Emporium or from monster drops: Try the brand new Goldobot de Luxe 5000!

Author: Twisted Sister  More (comments: 0)

Warriors! Don’t miss the opportunity and fight till death on the battlefields! If you are blessed by Sheara, all items that are worn during fights will be indestructible.



In order to support you in the permanent fight against chaos the great goddess grants you the possibility to train your abilities in the battlefields without damaging your armour.

Author: Twisted Sister  More (comments: 20)

 The Generous Banker15.11.2013 11:24

Bankers are not usually regarded as very generous but Forint is clearly an exception! Enjoying the sunny weather he is an an excellent mood and so he gives a present to every warrior who obtains Diamonds - even if you get yourself as little as 9 Brilliant Diamonds.

Hurry and claim extra bonuses for your deposits!
And here you can find the great presents you will get when obtaining Diamonds:

Bonus Items


Payment of at least:


9 Brilliant
13 Brilliant
22 Brilliant
27 Brilliant

45 Brilliant

75 Brilliant 3x

90 Brilliant

150 Brilliant3x
300 Brilliant5x

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 0)

 Magic Tablets07.11.2013 14:05

It just so happened that fate smiled upon two crooks at the same time -  the Swindler Gloum and  Chigrik the Thief.
Author: _Sphinx_  More (comments: 9)

Warriors! Don’t miss the opportunity and fight till death on the battlefields! If you are blessed by Sheara, all items that are worn during fights will be indestructible.



In order to support you in the permanent fight against chaos the great goddess grants you the possibility to train your abilities in the battlefields without damaging your armour.

Author: Twisted Sister  More (comments: 140)

 Big birthday raffle21.10.2013 16:04

Warriors of Faeo,

the annual anniversary celebrations are about to begin, cakes are being baked, women dress up in their most wonderful garments, and even the hard-boiled old warhorses polish the armor. We want to reward our heroes with something really special, get yourselves up and cheer: in cooperation with our friends at ROCCAT™, we would like to raffle some awesome prizes!



How you will be able to get your hands upon these deluxe and stylish items? It’s as simple as eating a piece of cake: we want you to send us your birthday wishes. This can be a greeting card, a photo of a birthday cake or anything that’s self-made and deals with the birthday of Legend: Legacy of the Dragons - be creative!
Here are the rules:
  • Email your birthday greetings to or send them to us via snail mail to: Mail.Ru Games GmbH, c/o Twisted Sister, Sachsenfeld 4, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
  • The event begins today and ends on Monday, November 4th.
  • And remember, we especially love anything that’s self-made.
  • Don't forget to include your nickname so we can contact you!
Among all the participants, we will raffle some amazing ROCCAT™ gear:

  • 1x Kone XTD MouseROCCAT™’s top-of-the-line mouse with 8200 DPI Pro Aim R3 laser sensor
  • 1x Kulo Stereo Headset – ultra lightweight headset with 40mm drivers and Automatic Mic-Mute function
  • 1x Hiro Mousepad –  brand new 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad

We are looking forward to see your exploding creativity at work!
Author: AcklayCOM  More (comments: 12)

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