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The most important of the holidays, the one which is widely celebrated by residents of both continents, is approaching with the speed of light - Faeo’s birthday! Soon we will celebrate the twelfth anniversary of this world, and it truly can be called a jubilee. After all, a dozen is a mystical number. Twelve constellations reign in the sky above Ogriy and Khair, the daily and annual cycles consist of twelve parts, magicians of different schools love to use the dozen in their calculations. Which means that this celebration will be really unusual! The Festival Organiser has already arrived in Faeo to conduct all the ceremonies. As always, he will take care of the necessary preparations, and of course, he will need the help of experienced and brave fighters capable of completing the most dangerous tasks.

This time, his requests may seem strange to someone and even vaguely remind you of the old days, when... But you should not bother with all sorts of rubbish, because very little time is left before the glorious date, and you need to manage to do so many important things! Besides, the Organiser is never greedy on good rewards for his assistants. To begin with, he will need the souls of defeated superbeings. Are you ready to go after them into the monster lairs? Then the Organiser is waiting for you! You will find this mysterious person in luxurious formal attire and a traditional mask at the Dartrong or O’Delvays Fairground. Hurry up, warriors!

Let your blade strike without a glitch for the glory of the upcoming 12th anniversary of Faeo!
Author: tceba  More (comments: 48)

 Fair Update30.09.2019 12:30

Defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair! Merchants have decided to updated their Fair's assortment! Hurry up for shopping!


The fair will last until 23:59 30.09.

Enjoy the fair, warriors!
Author: tceba  More (comments: 2)


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