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 Update Preview!04.07.2019 18:00

Warriors of Faeo! This is what all the inhabitants of Ogriy and Khair have been waiting for! Commoners whispered about it in taverns, magicians tried to predict it, warriors discussed it between the battles. However, no one could know all the details until the very end. But today it has finally become known that changes will happen in the game on the 10th of July!

The long-awaited update will bring with it a lot of interesting things:

Now that all the truth has been revealed and there are no secrets left, we offer you to get acquainted with the upcoming changes in detail, in order to always be ready for fights in the changed world of Faeo!

New «Arbiters of Fate» reputation

The Arbiters of Fate is a new path for warriors ready for new adventures and for meeting with the unknown! Do you want to influence not only the present, but also the past of this world? Do you want your blade to change the course of Faeo's history?

If you are ready to try to change the course of long past battles, you will have to take part in those old battles in which the characters of all level groups will face each other in equal conditions

The path to the past is easy to find, since the entrance to the ancient battlefields is in the same place as the present one, however you will need a Prayer Call (the power of a prayer, encased in a magic crystal) to be transported a few centuries ago. You will also have to leave your body and weapons in the present, your spirit is what will be infused into one of the warriors of those times. All newcomers from today will be equal in strength and will be equally equipped, so that only battle experience, tactical intelligence and composure could bring them victory.

The new reputation will be available for all warriors from level 5, but first they will need to find an Ancient mask. With some chance, the mask can be obtained by killing super beings of any level or by participating in the Carnival of Masks event.

New «Locator» feature
Who does not want to soar above Faeo and to look around the neighborhood with an eagle eye to see prowling enemies and friends ready to come to the rescue sometimes? Now you have the opportunity to track the location of both loyal allies and sworn enemies!

This is possible thanks to a new feature called «Locator». To use it, you will have to open the «Friends» section and go to the «Contacts list». With the help of the Locator, you can find any player, as well as see their active effects and their number.

Key Features:
  • Track the location of a player of any race.
  • Information about the number of locations to the selected player.
  • Ability to add a player's location to the compass; and for users of the html5 version of the game the ability to autotransfer to the selected player.
  • Ability to track the effects on the selected player, and the corresponding icon changes its color depending on the number of these effects.
  • The ability to receive alerts if a player has entered or left the game.
  • The ability to add notes.

For a green level premium account, it will be possible to add up to 4 players to the «Locator» tracking list. For blue up to 10 players. For purple and red levels 50 and 100 players respectively. Note that users of gray level premium account will be able to track up to 2 players. There are also some limitations, such as: you will not be shown to the warriors who are under invisibility and those who have hidden information about their character. This functionality is available to warriors from level 5.

Secrets of shadow martial arts

Those warriors who have already gained power over their own shadow know how faithfully it serves its master in battles. However, the battlefield is not the only place where the dark twin can benefit you. Eternal darkness keeps many secrets and priceless knowledge, and the twilight assistant will become a guide to these riches!
Your shadow will help you master special combat equipment and replenish your arsenal with Cleaving and Piercing blows, which you will also master yourself. However, first you will have to take away the folios with descriptions of these techniques from their owners, ancient shadows, very experienced and very dangerous. Ready to take a chance and fight with the masters from the world of eternal night? Then go ahead, your shadow will show you the way!

The Mystery of Cleaving Blow Quest can be obtained from Own Shadow. It is available to warriors who have reached level 7 and have the My Shadow Knows No Mercy achievement.
The Secret of Piercing Blow challenge will be available to characters from level 17 that have completed the the Secret of Piercing Blow Quest and have the My shadow is worth an army achievement.

Other changes

Other changes:
  • New cross-server battlefields of different formats for all level groups.
  • Development of a new client that supports html5
  • The html5 version of the game will have the ability to adjust the number of combat pockets.
  • In the html5 version of the game when having a premium of any level, the compass will have a «Reach» button when selecting a destination, which will allow your character to automatically reach the selected location.
  • Now when you add a selected product to the exchange, its name will be automatically inserted in the search bar
  • Now, when activating items with a number of uses of a limited time (for example, 3 times a week), the total number of uses and the time limit itself will be displayed
  • The order of displayed players in the battle list has been changed in chaotic battles. Now the players are in random order. The changes affected only the display, the mechanic of organizing teams did not change.
  • Fixed a bug with sending a gift to a player who is under invisibility
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to join the alliance if the clan leader had a debt to the treasury
  • Now you can change the width of the battle log
  • The display of effects in battle in the list of characters has been completely redesigned. The information update speed in this list will be increased, and it will become more convenient to track characters with a large number of active effects.
  • Sorting items in a combat backpack now works independently of the main backpack. You can sort items in a combat backpack as you wish. To do this, select a custom sort, which will not affect the order of things in the main backpack
  • The Wheel of Fortune event will now anonymously reflect the largest gain on the server and your greatest gain in a day
  • And many other changes.

The changes will happen very soon!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. - Thankful - 12.08.2019 08:32
the whole premium set up should be based on ANY diamonds spent , not just ones­ used to convert to gold
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