Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Game info Fight records
Race Magmars
Victories 7973
Defeats 1283
Humans slain 161
Rank Elite warrior

Agility 20
Intuition 159
Protection 20
Strength 145
Vitality 97

Durability 80
Initiative 1

Popularity 115

Victories in great battles 29
Participation in Great Battles 44
Maximum number of crits 38
Maximum number of blocks 14
Maximum crit 4062
Maximum number of dodges 16
Maximum number of deaths 1
Maximum number of kills 25
Maximum number of hits 230
Maximum crit received 3961
Maximum number of misses 18
Maximum number of block blows 15
Clan Night Watch
Rank Night Rookies

Professions Estate
Fisherman 89
Sorcerer 89
Locksmith 89
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 676  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 4585  

Personal information Gifts
Lives in the world of Faeo: 7 years4 month(s) 16 day(s)
Motto: Not my fault if it itches :) just scratch it :)
About you: Another boyfriend from my follower comes to visit me and to loot me :lol::lol::lol:

From Champion Ryze- [6] : that's not me. I don't do that

yes, yes... :lol::lol::lol:

Pink Floyd 2m
Ryze- 2m