Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Richard Parker
Game info Fight records
Race Humans
Victories 32354
Defeats 3963
Magmars slain 165
Rank War Expert

Agility 152
Intuition 495
Protection 57
Strength 628
Vitality 313

Durability 685
Initiative 66

Concentration 5
Intellect 143
Suppression 5
Will 5
Wisdom 419

Popularity 144

Victories in great battles 326
Participation in Great Battles 829
Maximum number of crits 165
Maximum number of blocks 21
Maximum crit 4642
Maximum number of dodges 46
Maximum number of deaths 1
Maximum number of kills 65
Maximum number of hits 434
Maximum crit received 5974
Maximum number of misses 44
Maximum number of block blows 27

Rating 882
Rating at current level 68
Clan Immortal Assassins
Rank Assassin

Professions Estate
Herbologist 201
Alchemist 176
Healer 2
Latest achievements
  Total Achievements: 1118  
Best achievements
  Total Points: 6955  

Personal information Gifts
Name: XXX
Lives in the world of Faeo: 3 year(s) 4 month(s) 2 day(s)
Birthday: 6 November 1987
About you:

healing from hex 1g

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Saved fights
Battlefield great temple ever
Battlefield tallars
Battlefield free valor
Fight against enemy race cc great battle
Fight against monsters clan mates and allaince helped me thanks