Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Ephemeral Novice Pack

Caskets, Chests
Level 1  19.99

Lifespan 14d
Item does not occupy space in backpack
This item cannot be Ā«frozenĀ»
Becomes non-transferable when owner changes
In this chest you can find armor pieces which usually used by guards to train their recruits. In addition here you can find some useful things that can protect you from the dangers of the world of Faeo. For a while.

  • Novice Helmet 1 pcs
  • Novice Bracers 1 pcs
  • Novice Shoulders 1 pcs
  • Novice Chainmail 1 pcs
  • Novice Cuirass 1 pcs
  • Novice Boots 1 pcs
  • Novice Leggings 1 pcs
  • Novice Sword 1 pcs
  • Novice Backpack 2 pcs
  • Fresh Cookies 1000 pcs
  • Spark of the Heavenly Fires 1 pcs
  • Pack of Premium Elixirs
  •  14
  • Supervised by Guards (up to level 10)
  • Now I am prepared!

    You can transfer this chest to another player, after which it can no longer be transferred.