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Best players
$9$1360_10$10$Punishers Guild$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/1553421.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Chomiczka [20$19$$28$Chomiczka$29$Magmars
$9$1403_10$10$Ruthless Barbarians$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/8328408.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$- Tsukuyomi - [20$19$$28$- Tsukuyomi -$29$Magmars
$9$1392_10$10$Zakon Elity$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/9535169.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Dzikus_44 [20$19$$28$Dzikus_44$29$Magmars
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/9619248.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$AJAN-6 [20$19$$28$AJAN-6$29$Magmars
$9$1408_10$10$Czarna Kompania$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/4906882.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Blind Troll [20$19$$28$Blind Troll$29$Magmars
$9$144_10$10$Hostilis Humanis$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Hostilis_Humanis_logo.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$_comadik_ [20$19$$28$_comadik_$29$Magmars
$9$1268_10$10$BlackListed $11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/1472512296603_6374019.png$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Mighty_Warlord [20$19$$28$Mighty_Warlord$29$Humans
$9$1268_10$10$BlackListed $11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/1472512296603_6374019.png$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$KrazyNerd [20$19$$28$KrazyNerd$29$Humans
$9$212_10$10$Immortal Mafiosi$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/ImmortalMafiosi1.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$akyr [20$19$$28$akyr$29$Humans
$9$1408_10$10$Czarna Kompania$11$https://warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/4906882.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Zmiatacz [20$19$$28$Zmiatacz$29$Magmars

Best clans


Server Merge! 08.06.2023 15:05
Changes are coming to the world of Faeo! The long awaited merge of the COM and DE servers will begin soon, bringing new and wonderful opportunities for everyone! After all, the more warriors there are, the more exciting the rivalries, the greater the fame, the more the battles and naturally, the more new friends to make.

The merge will begin on June 27 at 11:00 server time. Login to the game will be unavailable for 3 hours. The process will take place in several stages, with the most active players being moved first. We plan to move all the players by the end of July.

For those who play on COM, the merge will be seamless. If you play on DE, the next time you log into the game, your character will simply be transferred to the COM server. At the very moment of your character’s movement, there may be temporary breaks in communication and a slight delay when entering the game.
If your nickname on the COM server is already taken, we will offer to change it for free.

Unfortunately, one game login cannot be used for multiple characters on the same server, so if you currently use the same login for an account on both servers, you will be given the opportunity to change your DE account details when transferring. This way you will save both of your characters. If you have only one character, no additional actions are required. We will continue to support both languages (English and German) in the news, the library and inside the game itself. You will still be able to use warofdragons.de as an entry point. We understand that moving to a new server may cause some inconvenience.

Therefore, a week before the start of the merge, starting from 00:00 on June 20 until 23:59 on June 26, a special gift will be available for players on the DE server. It will be possible to obtain it from the elders of Baguron and Verkiry by completing the quest "Cataclysms in the world of Faeo".
At the end of the merge, all players will receive gifts!

We know that some of you have concerns about merge, but we are doing everything possible to make the process as smooth as possible, and for your gaming experience after the merge to be even more enjoyable. Very soon we will launch a new event that will start on both servers and continue on the combined one.
Do not worry — it will not affect the balance in any way! Have a nice game!

Celestial Empowerment: Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul 08.06.2023 15:00
Astrologers look with curiosity into the starry distance, because the celestial bodies are lined up in a previously unknown constellation, resembling in its outline... the creepy Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul!?

Mothers hug their babies and lock themselves in their homes. Warriors polish their armor and sharpen their blades. After all, a trip to the lair of the dangerous is a matter of honor. And after defeating a dangerous monster, you will receive a worthy reward: for the first victory over the enemy, you will receive Battered Chest, and for subsequent victories - Small Shabby Chest.

1 5
  • You can fight the Celestial version of Fazgrod in the Resurrected Ghoul’s Crypt at  Vassals' Tomb and  Clan Burial Grounds;
  • The battle with the Celestial version of Fazgrod Resurrected Ghoul is available for players who have reached level 3;
  • During the event, you can get Battered Chest once, and Small Shabby Chest up to five times.
Fight the unpredictable deadly Fazgrod!
Show us what you can do!

Carnival of Masks 08.06.2023 14:00

If you are in a good mood, there is always a reason to celebrate! That is what the tireless entertainers and cheerful stunners, who amuse Faeo residents with their performances think.


The beautiful  Nadilarie, who cannot stand the boredom and dismay, and the cheerful  Sheamus, a man, who exchanged his satisfied life for the chainless travels with the troop tradesmen, decided to cheer up the residents of Ogriy and Khair with the exciting event – Carnival
The fate of the Carnival is in your hands!

Win rare cards! New Improved Decks 08.06.2023 12:00
UPD: All restrictions have been reset!

New improved decks are already in the game!

Owners of Favored by luck certificate can receive up to 3 random rare cards from a total of 40 rare cards!

Besides this, after purchasing Set of 60 Conlegret cards you will receive 1 Banker's Receipt as a bonus. You may exchange 2 Banker's Receipt for Set of 30 Conlegret cards in the Premium Shop!
Don't miss this chance, since you will only have it until the 12:00 9.06!
Till 12:00 9.06 you will receive an additional rewards for every 100  you spend in Premium Shop:
Play the decks for rare cards!

Evil Pentagrams 07.06.2023 14:00

Woken up by the first rays of Mirrow the farmer was just about to look out of the window to admire his wheat fields goldening in the morning light. But a gust of wind made room in thick rows of grain and unearthed a mysterious symbol on the ground instantly making the farmer's skin crawl.



An ominous pentagram looked almost alive and as if it was reaching its dark spidery limbs to the farmer's shabby house. Without hesitation the farmer put on his boots and a worn down jacket and set out to the Capital to tell the Elders about what's going on.


Warriors, take part in the fate of Faeo! This won't be an easy fight! A new stage of the event awaits!


One-Armed Bandit News 07.06.2023 12:01
One-Armed Bandit is back!

Until 9.06 12:00 the bandit will have special rules! This time participants will enjoy good news: jackpot speed x2, the maximum jackpot size is increased to  2000!

Rewards for Jackpot:

Play and win!

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