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Best players
$9$1159_10$10$MIB$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/mibclan.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Ali Targaryen [20$19$$28$Ali Targaryen$29$Humans
$9$1359_10$10$looking for an answer$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Pytajnik.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Chomiczka [20$19$$28$Chomiczka$29$Magmars
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/9619248.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$AJAN-6 [20$19$$28$AJAN-6$29$Magmars
$9$1392_10$10$Zakon Elity$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/9535169.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Dzikus_44 [20$19$$28$Dzikus_44$29$Magmars
$9$1359_10$10$looking for an answer$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Pytajnik.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$- Tsukuyomi - [20$19$$28$- Tsukuyomi -$29$Magmars
$9$1408_10$10$Czarna Kompania$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/4906882.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$Blind Troll [20$19$$28$Blind Troll$29$Magmars
$9$144_10$10$Hostilis Humanis$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/Hostilis_Humanis_logo.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$_comadik_ [20$19$$28$_comadik_$29$Magmars
$9$1381_10$10$Intense$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/7963112.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$- - Pain - - [20$19$$28$- - Pain - -$29$Humans
$9$1095_10$10$A T E Ş$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/6039433.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$EXCIMER [20$19$$28$EXCIMER$29$Magmars
$9$212_10$10$Immortal Mafiosi$11$//warofdragons.com/images/data/clans/ImmortalMafiosi1.gif$12$$13$19$14$Chosen by Gods$15$akyr [20$19$$28$akyr$29$Humans

Best clans


Painted Chests in the Premium Shop! 04.12.2022 11:00
Winter has come. But this time it brought not only cold but precious Painted Chests into the Premium shop!
Until 07.12, 11:00 you may find a lot of potions, elixirs and quest items from these chests. And Large Decorated Chest and Large Painted Chest contain both potions and quest items, including Magic Snowflake!

Keep in mind that you can purchase each chest only once!
Also, for every  300 diamonds spent in the store, you will receive the following rewards:


Please note that you will only receive Advent Calendar if you do not already have it.
Let the new wonderful items warm you up!

A secret contract with the Spirit of the New Year! 03.12.2022 11:02
Warriors of Faeo! The winter has come and all the citizens are preparing for the Christmas. But the Spirit of the New Year has a special contest for you: are you ready to sign his secret contract and earn awesome rewards?

Just purchase this item in the Premium Shop for  diamonds or  gold and complete it's tasks daily to earn contract points. Just after you get the another milestone of the contract, you'll receive the reward automatically.
Hurry to get your own copy of the contract!
Complete daily tasks and receive magnificent rewards!

Beneficial exchange 03.12.2022 11:01
Banks of  Ogriy and  Khair value and love their clients, because mutual respect is the foundation on which beneficial to both parties relations are built! Anyone who trades in diamonds will have a pleasant surprise...

With a one-time  49 diamonds for  gold exchange in the bank you will receive an additional reward! Hurry up! After all, bankers can change their minds...
There will be enough gifts for everyone!

New batch of old smuggled goods! 03.12.2022 11:00
Please note that by participating in the event, you can receive unique items as rare rewards: Жетон «Шлем Хорсунгума» and Жетон «Сапоги Глиф-а-Мирея»!

Warriors! Smugglers’ accomplices are spreading rumors that  Gloum and  Chigrik have gotten hold of rare items, which they are willing to sell in the Smuggling shop.
 Gloum and  Chigrik offer rare items that range from gnomish treasures to the hearts of mighty Kroffdors and Eldives. Some claim that they have seen items that belonged to General UyarrMO himself! Pay attention to the changes of the offer!

This time each bag additionally contains one of the following items:

For each 100  diamonds spent in the Smuggling shop, you will receive the following items:

During the this month you can also find tokens Magic Snowflake in bags:

Please note: you can now purchase a Box of illegal goods from the Smuggling shop!


The sale will last from 11:00 03.12 until 11:00 05.12.

Don't miss the chance to get unique goods!

Magic storm in Tallaar's Halls 02.12.2022 16:00
The air trembles with the roar of the winds of magic. The raging element distorts the reality, changing the usual rules of the game... And now the rage of the first-born energy reached the Tallaar's Halls, mixing the participants and opening up new opportunities for them!
From 2.12, 16:00 until the end of the event, all the participants of the battles in the Halls receive a Tallaar's Rage at the entrance. This effects gives you 100% immunity to stun from physical attacks.
In addition, the received physical damage does not decrease when you are in block (applied damage decreases same as before).
You will also have double valor and no-break during the weekend!
 Magical storms never last long. On 5.12 at 10:00 the rules will be normal again.
Fight under new rules! Let the storm come stronger!

Stop the winter threat! 02.12.2022 13:00

Please note: new adventures await clans! Clan leaders will be able to complete the quest "Let the Blizzard Rumble Stronger!", rewarding them with Ice Leopard Summoning Crystal, which will allow their clan to fight the Ice Leopard.


Players will be rewarded with Magic Snowflake tokens as well as A snowy chest for defeating the Ice Leopard.


The quest "Let the Blizzard Rumble Stronger!" can be completed once every 3 days and the reward for killing the Ice Leopard can be received on a daily basis.


Traditionally, with the advent of the winter, residents of Faeo start collecting snow, in order to help the Spirit of Christmas materialize as a snowman. Insidious Snowger became aware of this tradition and decided to use negative aura at the continents, that was accumulated due to the hostility and intrusion.

Thanks to their efforts the Spirit of Christmas materialized as a horrifying snow monster and appear in  Luan Coast and  Terror Wharf sooner than expected. In order to defeat evil charms and free the good spirit, you have to defeat his evil entity.
Defenders of Faeo! If you don't stop Snowgers, Faeo may tunr to the kingdom of eternal winter! Chistmas won't happen unless its spirit appears as a good snowman!

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