Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Ice Statuette

Level 3  20  16

Lifespan 12d
This item is non-transferable
Item does not occupy space in backpack
Item cannot be handed in to trader
This item cannot be «frozen»
Merchants from far countries assure that monkey was the patron of the year 2017 and so a figurine of this agile animal made of magical ice will bring luck, happiness, and variety of pleasant surprises to its owner every day. Just touch the figurine and, besides the monkey’s favour you will receive useful gifts.

Gives its owner 10 Complementary Elixir of Life once a day, as well as one of the following:
Complementary Potion of Giant (3 pcs.);
Yeti Metamorphosis Elixir
Slice of Pizza (20 pcs.);
Second Wind Elixir
Efril (5 pcs.);
White Monkey Pendant.

Can be used once per day, but no earlier than 1 AM server time.

January - Hello Coldsnap! event
2017 season