Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Sheara’s Wrath Broth

Level 0  50

Lifespan 14d
This item is non-transferable
Item does not occupy space in backpack
This item cannot be «frozen»
An elixir of the seven rarest flowers made by the Mistress of the Dragons herself. Its magic will strengthen the hand of the warrior who relies on crushing blows to win victory. Lasts for 14 days. Can be removed with a detoxification broth if necessary.

- allows you to take 3 more arrows into battle
- increases critical blow chance by 3%
- increases Fury by 10
- increases Intuition by 45
- reduces Agility by 25

Toxicity: 25

Sheara’s own broths can be taken with other broths to enhance their characteristics. However, you cannot drink several Sheara broths at once.

Seven Wonderful Flowers event.