Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Hardened Chest

Caskets, Chests
Level 1  150.00

Lifespan 30d
Item does not occupy space in backpack
Item cannot be handed in to trader
This item cannot be «frozen»
Becomes non-transferable when owner changes
A heavy forged chest covered in iron spikes. You can find Emblems of Valour and a rare amulet inside.

Emblem of Valour 150-200 pcs

And one of the amulets:
Might of Dying Fire Amulet
Might of the Clearing Sky Amulet
Might of the Partial Eclipse Amulet
Power of Dimming Sunshine Amulet
Might of Still Groves Amulet
Might of the Pacific Blue Amulet