Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Perfect Rabbit-hole Generator

Level 3  23

This item is non-transferable
Item does not occupy space in backpack
Item cannot be handed in to trader
This item cannot be «frozen»
Rabbits are known not only for their valuable fur, but also for their ability to create complicated warrens of underground tunnels called rabbit-holes. The scientific minds of Faeo have managed to create a generator that can open up a passage into one of these holes for you. It is not clear what will happen if you try to enter it, but one thing is certain: it will take you somewhere completely different.

If you use it, you’ll create a rabbit-hole, which you can use to travel through space to the location that you've saved. Along the way, if you’re lucky, you’ll find Rabbit Pouch. The higher the level of the generator, the greater your chances of finding the bag.

Saved location code: 0 (the saved location code corresponds to one of the locations in the world of Faeo. Don’t forget to check your Amulets of Wandering to make sure you won’t get a big shock)

Current generator level: 0.

The item can be used 4 times a day.

Unique: rabbit-hole generator. (You can only have one rabbit-hole generator)

2023 Season.