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The DarkSide





  The DarkSide
The Dragon looked over the battlefield, seeing the bodies of his enemies laid before him in a wasteland of scorched earth. His eyes rested upon a congregation of warriors standing tall above the others. With a wide spread of his wings he glides down and lands in front of them. The Dragon bellows, who is your leader? All the warriors point over to the husky, portly figure close to the fire, drinking mead and enjoying the company close to him. Bring him to me says the Dragon. The leader stood and slowly made his way towards the dragon. Standing before the dragon, the dragon said "You have won the battle, I bring you great blessings for you and your warriors". "We dont need them and we dont want them" said the leader "our just rewards are the blood of our enemy on our weapons, take your blessings of glory and leave us"

WHAT? Said the Dragon "How dare you!" and the dragon inhaled deeply and breathed everlasting fire upon the leader. It enveloped him in flames and it lit up the battlefield and high into the sky but not a cry or shriek came from the leader. The rest of the warriors gathered around the leader and chanted "Within the DarkSide, I am reborn, I feel no weakness, as I am powerful, I will not break as I am indestructible, I have no fear as I am unbeatable, I will never die as I am immortal". The leader stepped out of the fire, unscathed and untouched and shouted "I am never alone as The DarkSide is within me. The Dragon for the first time in his immortal life bowed and said "You truly are a group of warriors set apart from all other warriors. I am happy you fight with me and not against me. Please forgive me. The leader simply looked at the dragon with a snide look on his face and whispers "be gone with ye" and off the dragon went knowing that of anything he'd ever seen before, this group of people, this clan, was the most amazing and terrifying thing he'd ever witnessed. As the dragon flew away, he looked back at the battlefield and could hear them chant louder and louder...

Within The DarkSide, I am reborn,
I feel no weakness, as I am powerful.
I will not break, as I am indestructible.
I have no fear, as I am unbeatable.
I will never die, as I am immortal.
I am never alone, as The DarkSide is within me.
- The DarkSide Creed