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Thursday, January 25th 2024, 5:53am

tleasule tsest..need help

Tleasule Tsest[b][/b]
You stop by at Given's place and notice a chest that would be just perfect to stash your belongings. The trouble is that the chest is occupied and you need to persuade a baby Yeti in order to get hold of it!

Current goal:Get a chrome-tanned bag and bring it to Bugah - the little yeti in The Gurraldiy's Head at Given


Thursday, January 25th 2024, 11:36am


You need 5000 Dartrong Reputation to buy this item. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach this reputation at level 3 and 4 due to cap. Once you have enough reputation, you can buy it from the shop in Square of Fire.

Have a good game!
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