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Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 2:48pm

New Love Priest Introduction


Dear Love Birds, Shy Darlings, Amazing Sweethearts, Stunning Lovers!

I would like to introduce myself as New Consecrator on the Magmar's side.
With the Powers invested in me and by following the Laws of FAEO I would gladly unite your Love into a Beautiful everlasting Marriage. Unless you decide to get divorced. Then I shall divorce you and gladly re-marry you for your new Half :embarressed:

:horse: I can marry you in any location you would like: The beautiful Ancestral mountains, the relaxed Valley of fire or perhaps the Historical Tomb of the Kings? Or even the Coral reef - deep underwater wedding! And how about Skydive at Sheara's Spectral expanse?! You name the place and I will make your dream come true! :love3:

I can as well, give you a Great Wedding by creating amazing introduction for your marriage. It can be any kind of story you would like to have. Game related such as Hilarious comedies, Dangerous paths, Knight adventures and Heroines beauty. I can give you also "Fast and furious" marriage which ceremony will last no longer than... "Is she pregnant?" - "Yes..." - "I pronounce you..." :woot:

However, when you do a Marriage Application kindly Read the Rules and note down my nickname in your application if I am your desired Consecrator.
As for Divorces - they will be carried after the consultation with a Guard. (Please note that reasons for divorce such as "She hit my Zorb in an Arboris", "he drink Shiz Beer and Mana all the time", along with "He keep calling my mother Bog elf" are extremely hilarious and unacceptable!)


Oh! :shuffle: I hope you choose me me me as Consecrator! :jump: :love1: :gift:
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 5:55pm

I would like to marry you... and Mrsww ... both of you at the same time actually .. can you work that out? :woot:
Forever and Always


Saturday, May 30th 2015, 12:00am

MrsWW is promised to me :glance:

:king: :lol: :peace:


Monday, February 15th 2016, 7:50am

I have decided to share with all the players some of my weddings in order to give you some slight ideas for your future ones and also have it as my commercial as I am pretty creative and can do your moment very special!

I hope you enjoy them!

:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Monday, February 15th 2016, 8:28am

Double Wedding in Night Watch Clan

The Story:
The 1st couple (MrsWW & Spar) came to me asking for a kinky funny wedding and told me I can do anything I want. A day later came the 2nd couple (Giran & -Ivy-) and they said they would preffer if the wedding is at rhyme. Was ahrd task but that's what I came up with:

The Wedding:

Here I am… and I am about to do a Double Wedding for a very first time
I guess I will look like Yoda speaking, because I am not so good in Rhyme :lol:
Dear All, we are all gathered here today to marry this brides three and that groom one
And when that is done it can be hard or never undone :wizard:
Giran-Greyars has to choose ONLY one out of the three :glance:
And I guess the one that he has chosen is the beautiful -Ivy-
She is pretty, she is veeeeeery kind
She can make any man to lose his mind…..
And Giran-Greyars is a little small…
But no one really measures the love in units after all :no2:
However, we wish for them that they will never fight :stronger:
but all of us know that will happen anyway, right? :lol:
Some day he will come back drunk from Shiz Beer like a stone :beer:
And guess who will wait for him with a frying pan in hand at home
It will happen maximum once or twice :smile:
Then he will become more wise
He will bring her flowers every day
And will clean all the house while in the bed she stay
From the frying pan he will be afraid
Because his “man duty” every day must be paid
However –Ivy- will be never again her higher level power to abuse :lol:
And the frying pan only for delicious pancakes she will use!
I wish a happy everlasting love for them
Today, tomorrow, now and then!

Oh! Wait, MrsWW and Spar stop laugh “like hell”
I, swear, I just heard YOUR Wedding Bell!
I have to now do nice and smooth introduction for both of you
That is not going to happen, especially for the this two :bllll:
Now we are going to laugh and cry
Maximum fun off of you to do I will try
Lets’ start with Wendy, that 'fossil old'
Oh, she got that nickname from Ephy as I’ve been told
Wendy is the only person I know so nice others to insult
And she never get silenced so she is my Idol, our Cult…
No swearing will come out from her with a special Font
She will just tell you “I duck it all up…” and then add “…with “F” on front!”
And for Spar? I have to joke with her but what should I say? :noo:
She is friend indeed and to help you she will dump anything, any day!
However she isn’t such a lady after all… .well:
She has the men street fighting temper, I do know! :beaten:
Spar stopped argue with her inner demons, now they are on the same side!
Don’t mess with her, her inner friends still can give you one straight-to-Hell ride!
Other than this, that she is Runt with a “C” I can’t say for Spar,
We all know this, so far…. :wink:
The marriage for this two gals is not just a “thing”! :no2:
It’s a circle of trust, it’s a Friendship Honoring Ring!

:no2: I will not ask 4 of you Who Whom is going to take :lol:
So many Brides and just one Groom – there will be definitely a mistake!!!
Also all your “Blablabla, yes, I take you!” my rhyme is going to break… :cry:
Then I will come angry and throw all over you the Wedding Cake… :no:
And if there is SOMEONE that disagree on any of this 2 marriages now, :glance:
DO NOT speak ever because Ephy is under Exe pot and I feel heads are going to FALL!
I think it’s time for the Four of them New Chapter to Begin!
And I know, dear friends, I told you my rhyme sucks! That’s the End… ***FIN***


19:10 As of 08.08.2015, Giran-Greyars [5] and -Ivy- [10] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.
19:10 As of 08.08.2015, Spar [9] and MrsWW [11] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Monday, February 15th 2016, 8:43am

Gerard and Ikke

The story:

There is no love but friendship! The came to me asking em for a nice wedding that unite the friendship of them both in circle of trust.

The Wedding:

Dear All, we are gathered here today to unite a strong men friendship into a Marriage! :knight:

Please do not think that only love can lead people to be married! Also a two Best Friends can do it in order to support each other on the maximum of their abilities!

Here stand between us gerarddeklosjaar and ikke1990

Yes, indeed you know their names as they have been playing very long time with us, been very helpful and respectful. :drink:

However, perhaps you are interested how they met… It was in the Korr’s Pub of course! They got drunk from Shiz Beer and played Poker…

Then ikke1990 lost, came really angry and turn over the table then punched gerarddeklosjaar in the face :beaten: Gerard did not stay calm and returned the “favour”..

… Big massacre happened in the Pub – glasses flying over, chairs smashed on the heads of the visitors. Usual Pub fight…

… Then suddenly a strong whistle sound came out. A tall man calmed all. Not because he was scary or strong. It was because he was well known…

… It was the old Guard that everybody respected for his wisdom and good manners. It was cryocore...

..Then he talked - “Guys, this is not the way a grown men solve their issues. There is a better way – instead of fighting for nothing important …

… you should stand next to each other into fight against the Humans, that’s our true enemy! I see you are still confused about your purpose and don’t have a goals…

… That’s why I offer you to Join the clan of Hostilis Humanis , grow stronger together and become a real friends!”

That was what the guys did. They joined the clan, start to work on reputations, grew in levels and valour, became really strong and start to fight against the Human race.

After all that time together they have decided to unite the friendship into the final level – teleportation to Human lands and slaughter of the Enemy! :drink:


As of 10.10.2015, gerarddeklosjaar [16] and ikke1990 [16] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage

:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Monday, February 15th 2016, 9:05am

TAHARQA and _Nowhere_

The Story:

Couple that met in the game and playes together as a team most of the time. Decided to get married in the game :love3:

The Wedding:

Dear All, this is a story not just about love. It’s a story about adventure to the unknown.

Here are standing in front of you TAHARQA and _Nowherer_ :king:

A Magmar Prince of Horror :sarcastic: and Magmar Princess of love :love3:

Their Story have begun in the Ages of the Ancient and no longer existing French server :knight: The years of Knights and Ladies, Witches and Fairies :wizard:

TAHARQA was One-man warrior seeking the revenge of his brutally murdered Clan by Human destroyers.

He was looking for his blood revenge in Forest and Deserts, at the Sea and on the Mountains. In every village, at every city and even in the smallest corners of the Magmar land. :horse:

Then suddenly, while passing through the forests of Zvigold Grove he saw unknown for him pink light on the height of his head. No, don’t think it was any type of Ling… :glance:

… It was a dark magic over a Beautiful Princess-Fairy. :woot: A dark Human Witch have casted a spell in her jealousy of the unbreakable beauty of the young girl.

The spell was saying “The one that loves her Soul but not her face, shall break the spell only with a Gorbakh Mace!”

The little Pink light talked to TAHARQA and asked him to bring her back to life. She promised him the World in his legs if he do that for her :worship:

The Prince, thinking only of his revenge, agreed to help her. But how would he? He had the mace but he didn’t loved her Soul yet.

He offered her to walk with him, to be his Angel and advisor. To be always next to him in good and hard times until he start to love her Soul and save it. :angel:

Days have passed, month and years. The little Soul have told her story how the witch catch her undefended and cursed her to burn in hell for her beauty. :shock:

The moment she got cursed she tried to undo the spell but her powers wasn’t strong enough and she stuck at this position – neither alive, nor dead. :cry:

Then the Evil Human Witch then was happy to leave the small Fairy suffer forever and changed the curse. She has waited so many years that she forgot her name… :cry:

Then TAHARQA gave her the name _Nowhere_ because he was not sure where and when he has found her. :woot:

However one morning he has woke up and found the Gorbakh’s mace broken into pieces … _Nowhere_ missing, no sparkles of her charm around, no sense of her rosses smell left

He heard a woman voice singing around the nearby river. In anger and afraid for his Angel he took his swords in order to defend her from whatever is there :fight:

He run and right behind the corner he saw something that made him stop, drop the sword, fall on his knees and forget how to talk :noo:

In the river there was an amazingly beautiful lady washing herself. Her skin softer than the most soft silk, her black hair long and covering her full back and her face… :love3:

Then she stop singing and said: “Come, my love, even if you deny it I know you do love me, because you did free me!” :embarressed:

TAHARQA remembered how to talk and then he said “I truly fall in love with you while searching the Bad Humans so I can revenge my Clan…

…Now I stand here before you and asking you to stay next to my shoulder and fight sword to sword with me against Bag Humans and Evil Witches….

Now my soul is united with yours and if I am separated from you I will die in loneliness, pain and my spirit will walk everywhere in the underworld to look for you…

…Do you always want to be mine as I will be forever yours?” _Nowhere_ just nod in a sign of acceptance, smiled with sparkles in her eyes and kissed TAHARQA :woot:

Then they began their adventure together. They explored all the Old French server and the Ages of the New Times has come. :knight:

And they have explored new lands, the Lands of Com server where they have met more evil and strong enemies, but also made more new and good friends.

And here they are TAHARQA and _Nowhere_ :smile:

And after knowing their beautiful story I would like to ask them the simple questions:

(To _Nowhere) You, little Fairy, after all this years, do you still love TAHARQA and want to marry him, love him for eternity?

(She said 'Yes' heheh)

(To TAHARQA) You, Unbeatable Prince, after so long time spent with _Nowhere_ , do you still love her, want to marry her and be with her for infinity and beyond?

(He answered 'Yes' as well)

If there is any Evil Witch that want this marriage not to happen – speak now or be silent forever! :knight:

With the power Invested in me by the Creators of Faeo World, here I am to announce that friendship to become a Marriage.


21:22 As of 31.08.2015, TAHARQA [6] and _Nowhere_ [6] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

TAHARQA and _Nowhere_ you are now Husband and Wife!
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Monday, February 15th 2016, 9:55am

--Ark-- and _QueenOfWar_

The Story:

One of my first clan members decided to marry a lovely lady from italian server.. The problem was I knew nothing for her and when I asked him, at that point, back in time - he knew not much himself...:lol: However --Ark-- is being close friend since the forming of my clan and I always like to mess up with him.. :angel:

The Wedding:

Dear All, there is a Wedding to be done here… :lol: Excuse my giggle :lol: but I can’t just stop it when I see the groom :lol:

Here are --Ark-- and _QueenOfWar_ waiting to get united into a beautiful marriage! :drink:

_QueenOfWar_ is amazing young lady, grown in the strength of the clan Alliance :ninja:

She always been so quiet, nice and friendly with most magmars and opposite on that she has always been horror for the humans :wink:

Her beauty put her among the most charming ladies in Faeo and she could even challenge Shaera into a catfight :woot: :love2:

Nobody can explain how such a Queen can fall in love with my --Ark-- :noo: Now you will know why I wonder:

I have asked him "muffin » --Ark--: It’s time to tell me something nice for your wifey-to-be :smile:" and then he said "--Ark-- » muffin: idontknow :truce:"

But that’s not surprising as the following was: "--Ark-- » muffin: say Italian pizza is always the best I really don’t know lol"

So here I can tell you one good fact about the pizza – --Ark—is marrying Italian woman because he loves pizza:lol:

Oh, and about --Ark-- .... I grew him up since he was miserable dodger lvl 3 with cutthroat set

I’ve told him how to use spoon, I taught him what is good and bad, supervised him through all his mistakes as he wouldn’t listen what is Not good to do :tease:

I wonder which other person would go to rage, get fully buffed and forget that there is still 19 hours for Vertsida flower to be taken.. :lol: That happened more than 10 times. :lol:

As I’ve said before I will now repeat myself: “ Ark Disease: asking stupid question, lazy to read, lazy to think, annoying nonstop.. Postponing everything” :lol:

However all Renegade clan is happy now to see Ark will not be that much AFK and Fap-fap as he found a beautiful wife.

I wish from my heart that this two will love each other too much, also I deeply hope that they will be always enjoying eating Pizza, become fat and happy forever together for eternity :angel:

I hope there is no one that want to stop that marriage because I am the type of “mother” that will love to hand in the responsibilities over --Ark--to another woman. I dare you to talk! :smile:

(To Queeny) Dear Queen, are you willing to marry Ark and be in good and bad with him, feed him, wash his sticky socks and keep his heart always warm. If you do say “yes”

(Good thing for me is she did say 'Yes')

(To Arky) You MUST always make this lovely lady happy, let her feel like she flies instead of walking and bring her all your money, ALL YOUR MONEY, UNDERSTAND?? And say “yes”!!

(He had no choice but to say 'Yes')

Today I am not losing a “son”, instead I am getting a “daughter”! :jump: With the powers vested in me I pronounce you Wife and her Slave Husband!


As of 08.10.2015, --Ark-- [7] and _QueenOfWar_ [6] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

Please all serve themselves at the mini-pizza and English tea buffet! :pie: :drink:
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Sunday, April 10th 2016, 9:38pm

shaos & Blood-slayer666

The Story:

The couple married previously when the bride was having a male character. After gender change the marriage got dissolved. I re-marry them.

The Wedding:

Welcome one and all, and witness Blood-slayer666 [7] and shaos [7] ,
as they pledge their dedication to walk the Magmar Lands together.

From the Lava we come, to the Lava we go,
Cursed or blessed to walk under the Skies of Ashes alone.
Sometimes another soul walks our path,
Then two become one, in love everlasting.
Come forward, Children with Magma Blood,
And welcome this couple to your brood,
Within each other, these two are found,
Bear witness as their souls are bound.

muffin » shaos,Blood-slayer666: Stand now as ye will stand forever,
muffin » shaos,Blood-slayer666: Like Purple Ball and Chains your hearts are tethered,
muffin » shaos,Blood-slayer666: Your Souls are bound in devotion
muffin » shaos,Blood-slayer666: and your love is bringht without any magic potion.

Above you are the Sheara, below you are the Human Skulls.
As time passes, remember, like the star should your love burn brightly, like the unpolish diamon should your love be firm.
Be close, yet not so close that you restrict one another.
Possess one another, yet grant each other the freedom to grow.
Be understanding and compassionate, and have patience with each other, for storms may come, but they will quickly pass.
Be free in giving affection and warmth. Fear not, lest the ways or words of the unenlightened give you unease.

muffin » Blood-slayer666: If you agree on all above, please say "Yes".
Blood-slayer666 » muffin: Yes! <3
muffin » shaos: If you agree on all above, please say "Yes".
shaos » muffin: Yes >_<
muffin: Is there someone to talk?
muffin: No, good!

chocoapple: *Throws a piece of cake at the priest and looks away"
shaos » chocoapple: :clubbing:
chocoapple: Sorry :x
muffin: jesus, alost married choco and shaos :lol:


21:10 As of 10.04.2016, shaos [7] and Blood-slayer666 [7] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

muffin: I present to The Magmar race Blood-slayer666 and shaos, Forever Bound, Eternally Free! You are husband and wife for eternity.
muffin » shaos,Blood-slayer666: You may now kiss.
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Sunday, May 15th 2016, 7:33pm

Pallas_Athene and Vandalo

The Story:

A couple that knew each other from their first days in the game and that always have played together decided to finally unite their game friendship into beautiful marriage.

The Wedding:

muffin: Okay, Please sit down, keep quiet and lets enjoy this moment!
-TheRiddle- » muffin: some people are still coming!
muffin » -TheRiddle-: they shall sit quiet then
-TheRiddle- » muffin: our invites got lost in the post office
muffin » -TheRiddle-: toff is hungry and nagging that i should have been done with the wedding already
muffin: I am sorry, I will start now.
muffin: Dear Friends, Clannies and ordinary Players,
muffin: We are gathered here today in this Beautiful Sunday for a very good occasion.
muffin: Occasion such as beautiful that even the warm May days can not warm our hearts that much.
muffin: It is the Wedding day for Pallas_Athene and her beloved Vandalo.
muffin: And here they stay before you – a beautiful bride wearing a dress of spring flowers,
muffin: Make up of shining stars and perfume of love..
muffin: Holding the hand of Charming Groom that is suited up with a tuxedo made of the black night’s soft textile..
muffin: And in his eyes with the look of admiring lover.
muffin: So, Dear All, here they stand before us to promise each other that:
muffin: They shall love each other in Defeat as much as they love each other in Victory,
muffin: That they will not Stun the other in time of arguments,
muffin: That they will keep entertain each other with amazing gifts and messages, now when they are small level and then –then they become mages,
muffin: That they will keep giving their most precious and even the last copper coin to make the other happy,
muffin: That they will still love each other as they used to when they were level 2…
muffin: And Least, but not Last – that they shall honor and cheer each other forever and for eternity!
muffin » Pallas_Athene: Dear, Beautiful Bride, do you agree in all of the above, if so – then say “Yes!”
Pallas_Athene: yes
muffin: Louder, please, you didn't have breakfast today?
Pallas_Athene: YES!!!!!
muffin: That's better^^
muffin » Vandalo: Charming Groom, do you agree in all of the above, if so – then say “Yes!”
muffin » Vandalo: Wake up!
muffin: :glance:

After a few minutes...

muffin » Pallas_Athene: I'm sorry, the groom has doubts..
muffin » Vandalo,Pallas_Athene: Well, if the groom has doubts we can reschedule the wedding..
Vandalo: yes
muffin: I accept it!
muffin: Even if so quiet...
muffin: :speak: And now, if there is someone that disagree on this marriage please talk or stay silent forever!
-TheRiddle- » muffin: shall I disagree?
muffin » -TheRiddle-: toff will come first for u
muffin » Vandalo,Pallas_Athene: With the Power Vested in me a pronounce you Husband and his Wife! You may kiss the Bride!

As of 15.05.2016, Vandalo [9] and Pallas_Athene [9] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

Those enamoured couples that were walking down the streets of the capital may count themselves incredibly lucky! Consecrator muffin created for them wondrous fireworks, the sparkles of which merge into a giant heart pierced by a flaming arrow!
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Tuesday, May 31st 2016, 8:41pm

Kalliope & ANGARALI Sofi

The story:

They found each other and decided to end the single life. So far the requested family and friends short ceremony.

The Wedding:

Dear Guests, we are gathered here today to unite ANGARALI Sofi and Kalliope into a marriage.

They will take each other for the love they hold in their hearts, and Vow to spend their life cultivating the love and the care for each other, :love1:
for their family to be, and for all living things. :kiss2:
Their relationship will be the most important consideration as it will give them strength, :knight:
and they shall Vow to put every effort into strengthening it in turn trough honesty, faithfulness and patience. :shuffle:
For all the days that they will be in Faeo with one another, they will promise to spend each day working to become more true version of themselves :embarressed:
they shall rise their reputations, fury and passion to kill humans along with getting valour and rising their ranks, :king:
for that they will always rely to each other and have trust in their swords and hearts.:fight: :love1:

to[ANGARALI Sofi] You, Brave warrior, do you swear on all that? If so, then say "Yes"!

He said 'Yessss'

to[Kalliope] You, Kind Lady, do you swear on all that? If so, then say "Yes"!

She said 'Yes!'

If there is someone that don't want this Wedding to happen, talk now or keep silent forever.

I now pronounce you for Husband and his Wife!


20:20 As of 31.05.2016, ANGARALI Sofi [16] and Kalliope [5] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

20:22 Consecrator muffin shows his love to the world of Faeo by creating in a matter of seconds luxurious fireworks resembling the untameable dragon flame!
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:

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Saturday, June 18th 2016, 8:35pm

The Story:

They have been clannies for quite some time and became something more so they decided to get married.

The Wedding:

Dear all we are gathered here today to marry SKYonWAR for very first time and mystic one for fifth time :noo:
*muffin check old papers and count on her fingers* Yes, her fifth time, more or less :embarressed: but it’s her 3rd husband if that does matter :lol:
However, the path of both was not as easy as it looks and I will tell you why:
SKYonWAR battle naked many monsters every day and mystic one is chewing her nails they will not chum-chum his willy
And on other hand while she is hunting humans he is afraid they will not give her a mirror to see herself there as the mirror will break upon her beauty… :woot:
So here they stand both in front of you willing to unite themselves into a marriage (let’s hope she will settle at last :lol:)

[mystic one] I, mystic one, promise to take you SKYonWAR, naked as you hunt and dressed when you fight, to be my Husband…
[mystic one] As a good wife I shall let you clean alone all the Estate and feed the pets and mounts alone, while I watch Forum serials
[mystic one] As a good wife I shall let you clean alone all the Estate and feed the pets and mounts alone, while I watch Forum serials
[mystic one] Yet if you do not listen your Mistress (me) I will put on some leather underwear and tighten you to the wall.. Then make you beg me for mercy^^
[mystic one] I will not give you 50 shades of Gray but 50 shades of Blue but yet I will love you always and forever…
[mystic one] I will cherish you in defeats and drink Champaign for your victories, I will always love you in good and bad as long as you accept me who I am.

[SKYonWAR] I, SKYonWAR, take you mystic one, with all your charm and beauty to be my Wife…
[SKYonWAR] As I good husband I will not listen to what you want and I will let you do all the house work alone…
[SKYonWAR] I will accept the frying Pan as touch of love that no other gave me until now and if you hit me once I will stand for another shot..
[SKYonWAR] I will not listen to you as I want you to be my Mistress and let you and me have all the ‘fun’ our bodies can carry…
[SKYonWAR] I will accept the 50 shades of Blue and enjoy them as I would from no other as you are my one and only and I will love you always and forever
[SKYonWAR] I will make you Corvus soup you when you are weak and I will dance with you when you are strong, I will always and forever love you if you accept me as I do accept you for who you are.

As you all see now they have set their vows and then I shall ask them:

to[mystic one] Do you agree on what SKYonWAR have just said and do you want him to become your husband? If so, then please say “YES!”.

She said YES.

to[SKYonWAR] Do you agree on what mystic one have just said and do you want her to become your wife? If so, then please say “YES!”.

He said YESSS.

If there is someone that does not want this marriage to happen – please talk now or leave them be happy always and forever! :speak:

No one did..

to[mystic one] to[SKYonWAR] With the power vested in me and in front of the Goddess Sheara herself, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife!


20:14 As of 18.06.2016, SKYonWAR [5] and mystic one [10] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

to[mystic one] to[SKYonWAR] You may now kiss!

Consecrator muffin shows his love to the world of Faeo by creating in a matter of seconds luxurious fireworks resembling the untameable dragon flame!
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Monday, July 11th 2016, 9:49pm

__ Geronimo __ & ReB

The Story:

Several times jailled over breaking of the Game rules they found each other.

P.S. Kindly note that the wedding has ben edited of it's origin because of words said by the visitors and the lovely couple.

The Wedding: It took place at the Dungeon

Dear all, we are gathered here to do the execution of __ Geronimo __ and ReB
But let me tell you first how this 2 met and why all is going upside down… :lol:

ReB, a common corner smuggler got arrested for spreading drugs around Faeo.. :glance:
Even though she was as well accused for kills over humans and scalping them, yet there was no real proof.. :ninja:
So then, in the arrest she met __ Geronimo __ , incredible sexy waist-up naked Gangster :peace:
He was there for being caught during the robbery of Faeo Jeweler’s store with all his pockets full of diamonds, rubies, necklaces and gold…
They was alone and locked cell to cell, separated only by few rows of steel bars so they could see each other well..
He was still half naked, sitting in the dark corner in the end of his cell, over a cold and dirty bench and hiding well his face in the darkness… :glance:
She was standing on the opposite corner and in full light, holding herself the outer bars and swearing over the passing Guards.. :noo:
Then he saw that under the big baggy clothes and the baseball hat with hoodie is hidden very beautiful lady, he took his torso forward so he can see her better and his face showed in the light
“What do you stare at, you player?” – asked him ReB - “Want me to come over and tear your pretty brown eyes out?”..
He then invited her “Come..” :smile: “… If you be able to slap me through the bars before I touch your balloons then I will leave you alone”..
:grrrr: She was so angry that she urged to go, he as well woke up, but then, when their eyes crossed and they start walking slower to each other - something happened…

*PPPPPZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzT* :noo: :noo: :noo:

The cell bars were electrified :lol: SO both of them got a nice blast :lol: Then they kept looking at each other.. :glance:
Geronimo was looking at her, passing through all her forms in his mind and talking with his inner voice “I’m gonna make this chika ma’ Mamasita”.. :horse:
During the very same time ReB was watching his muscles shape and was singing in her mind the Nine Inch Nails’ song “Na-na-na na-na na-na na-nanaa, I wanna feel you form the inside..”
Then suddenly one Guards came and called ReB that she is released by her mother, then she looked at Geronimo and said to him…

“Do you wanna love me?” – He looked at her and answered, "If you are always like this I wanna surely marry you LOL” :love2:
Then she smiled and left :smile: In 2 hours Guards came and called Geronimo name, they said “Your wife paid your fine..”.. he tried not to look shocked because he was never married…
He took his belongings – phone, wallet with some cash and ID, keys with attached on them Golden ring that once was meant for a lady that run away with his best friend.. :bll:
Leaving the Dungeon and watching like crazy who is ‘his wife’ he saw ReB :lol: now her hoodie was gone and he could really see her nice body :love2:
Plus she wasn’t just waiting him like that, she was riding a nice shiny Endragar and she said “Still wanna marry me?””If so, then jump up”
Some weeks passed since then and they took the normal players life and now we are gathered here today, in this Dungeon where all started, to ask them both one question…

to[ReB] Do you take Geronimo to be loving him and to support him in good and bad moments, if so then please say “Yes”!
[ReB] Yes, and feed him as my beloved pitbull and keep his fridge plenty of beers and tea!
[muffin » ReB] Very good, very good

to[__ Geronimo __] Do you still wanna surely marry ReB and to protect her without gangsta skills, if so then say “Yes”!
[RoughRock] doubtful :lol:
[__ Geronimo __] i m tired...i can t read that fast....moment....
[Hazzelinko] classic geron
[muffin » __ Geronimo __] its the time you say "yes" though
[__ Geronimo __] where i was ...
[chocoapple] Give the man time he's already sweating lol
[RoughRock » ReB] he is slow. may be look for some one who is little more faster
[ReB » muffin] am I in time to say no?
[muffin » ReB] no sorry, your turn passsed :lol:
[__ Geronimo __] for sure yes, i ll pray the bottom where she walks and ll daily clean her feets with my tongue and share all tea and beers i wanna drink and smoke !!!

[muffin] And if there is any Guard or Player that want to stop this wedding – talk now OR let them be and make a small Gang of Human murderers! :glance: (I gonna mirror you take care)

[ReB] :glance: any fbi or cia around to stop this?

[muffin] __ Geronimo __ [6] and ReB [6] , I now pronounce you a Jailbreak Husband and his (Mamasita) Wife!


8:22 As of 11.07.2016, __ Geronimo __ [6] and ReB [6] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Sunday, September 25th 2016, 7:03pm

--THOR-- & zbadgirlz

The Story:

Nice and friendly couple that liked each other and decided to unite their game into a marriage in a nice small wedding. As per their request it was funny and romantic!

The Wedding:

muffin: Wedding is about to start, please be seated and keep quiet
muffin: Dear all, we are gathered here today to say sorry for the loss of our family and the injuries this poor magmar has received :cry:
muffin: Wrong book, that's the funeral one
muffin: one moment
ThE_Undertaker1: lol
--THOR--: :lol:
Loup_Garou: :lol:
ThE_Undertaker1: almost the same hehe
Freemo: :lol:
JEOKUYUMCU » ThE_Undertaker1: ..
ThE_Undertaker1 » --THOR--: r.i.p. my friend
muffin: Ok , all good now..

muffin: We are all gathered here today
muffin: to make a wedding at this very fine day!
muffin: --THOR-- [8] , the groom with a smile so bright :smile:
--THOR--: :smile:
muffin : And his feature beloved wife zbadgirlz [11] that will always be Right! :smile:
muffin: With this rings "Two Sides of Love" Ring Set you promise …to have, to hold, to love,
zbadgirlz: :smile:
muffin: Through PvP Battlefields, Events, and even Platoe. :knight:
muffin: You will be to the other a rock of strength on which you can depend, :gum:
muffin: And will bless the other with your presence when the hunting humans seasons end. :love1:
muffin: Human heads you will keep in their due place, :sarcastic:
muffin: And will only leave on hscalping trips with a smile upon your face.
muffin: You will vow no excess bragging when your catch is rather small, :no2:
muffin: And your thoughts will always be of the other at the Platoe may often call… :noo:
muffin: And so it is with deep devotion you should say those words,
muffin: I DO” - For no greater loves in my life you’ll find… …than my scalping, dear, and YOU!!!! :embarressed:
muffin » --THOR--: Now the time have come for you to say 'I do' , and if not I will let her slap you! :glance:
--THOR--: I DO!
muffin » --THOR--: Good!
muffin » zbadgirlz: Now it's time to say 'I do' - if not I can find a better groom for you!
muffin » zbadgirlz: :wink:
zbadgirlz: I DO
JEOKUYUMCU » zbadgirlz,muffin: Not fair
muffin: If anyone want this wedding to stop:
Loup_Garou » JEOKUYUMCU: shush
muffin: now it is time your words to drop.
ThE_Undertaker1 » JEOKUYUMCU:
muffin: Solumir's Enchanted Mirror, Invisible Shackles Amulet. Warning.. though
JEOKUYUMCU: Stop, they are siblings...
muffin » JEOKUYUMCU: <--- I kill him?
ThE_Undertaker1: :lol:
--THOR-- » muffin: not yet
zbadgirlz » muffin: no no
MyliveisaParty » JEOKUYUMCU,muffin: i had no moroks xD
muffin » zbadgirlz,--THOR--: I guess no marriage, please show birth certificates
Tribal X: kill , mirror and silence him
MyliveisaParty » Tribal X: :lol:
zbadgirlz » muffin,--THOR--: i get a very young hubby
muffin » JEOKUYUMCU: Oh, report came that you have Yellow Passport, sorry your words doesnt count and they want you back at the Exiles Fortress after the wedding.
JEOKUYUMCU » muffin: :cry:
Loup_Garou: :lol:
--THOR--: :lol:
ThE_Undertaker1 » JEOKUYUMCU: burned ^^
muffin » zbadgirlz,--THOR--: Then I have nothing else to say than that witht he power vested in me I pronounce you Husband and his WIfe! You may kiss the Bride! :kiss2:


As of 25.09.2016, --THOR-- [8] and zbadgirlz [11] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

Those enamoured couples that were walking down the streets of the capital may count themselves incredibly lucky! Consecrator muffin created for them wondrous fireworks, the sparkles of which merge into a giant heart pierced by a flaming arrow!
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Sunday, January 22nd 2017, 8:24pm

Freemo & Leethan

The story

Real life couple decided to unite their eternal love in the world of Faeo

The Wedding:

muffin: First of all I would like to welcome all of you here, 2nd of all I would like you to comply with the chat rules and last - be respectful coz I have slap emo! ( )
muffin: Welcome all to the wedding day of Freemo [12] and Leethan [13]
muffin: Freemo [12] and Leethan [13] , life is given to each of us as individuals, and yet we must learn to live together.
muffin: Love is given to us by our family or by our friends.
muffin: We learn to love by being loved. Learning to love and living together is one of the greatest challenges of life – and is the shared goal of a married life.
muffin: You are now taking into your care and keeping the happiness of the one person in all the world whom you love best.
muffin: You are adding to your life not only the affection of each other, but also the companionship and blessing of a deep trust as well.
muffin: You are adding to your life not only the affection of each other, but also the companionship and blessing of a deep trust as well.
muffin: Today, your wedding day, is one brief day in time, and although your vows are spoken in a matter of minutes, they are promises that will last a lifetime.
muffin: The formal exchange of your wedding vows is the most ancient part of a wedding ceremony.
muffin: These are the words that couples for centuries have spoken to one another and, while they are very simple words, they have extraordinary meaning and importance.
muffin: As you speak them to one another, you will discover that these are truly sacred promises, and sacred promises must be kept forever.
muffin » Freemo,Leethan: We are now ready to listen to your story and then your vows. You may begin!

Leethan: Silence please for a little story!!!
Leethan: In the early days of her life, Freemo spent her youth in a small, remote village on the edge of the world. Life was simple and peaceful.
Leethan: As in most small communities everybody knows each other especially the younglings grew up playing together.
Leethan: Freemo's favorite play was *Heros and Monsters* roaming through the forest and battiling fearsome beasts with her magical wand (a small wooden stick) with the other kids.
Leethan: Her favorite partner was Leethan, a small, blond boy from the next farm, with nothing, but mischief in his head.
Leethan: He played often the bodyguard of the *famous witch* Freemo, holding back the evil hordes with his longsword *Demonslayer* (a long wooden stick) while Freemo worked her wonderous magic.
Leethan: As the young boy becomes an adult he left the village to follow his dream of becoming an adventurer. Freemo's battles in the woods soon lost much of the magic it had before.
Leethan: As the years go by, tales travel back to the village about the warrior Leethan, his fearsome mount *Snuffels* and his mighty battleaxe *Stuck* ( There was this oaktree as Lee needed firewood, hence..)
Leethan: As the years go by, tales travel back to the village about the warrior Leethan, his fearsome mount *Snuffels* and his mighty battleaxe *Stuck* ( There was this oaktree as Lee needed firewood, hence..)
Leethan: You may have heard about her famous adventures: How she tamed *Rhino* the king of Endagars (well , actually a cousin, twice removed, but royal is royal)
Leethan: or *The fight against the great, green Dragon on the Gates of Doom* (The dragons name is lost, Fremo neded it to overpower him, but when asked, she simply referres to him as: Shoes, Shirt or coat)
Leethan: Then one day, exploring the dephts of the dark Forest, Freemo hears noises of battle and spurs her mount in ther direction of the fight.
Leethan: There on a clearing, she can't believe her eyes: Her long, lost Leethan in bue armour fighting a horde of Undead.
Leethan: Why blue? she mumbles as she rides into the battle.
Leethan: to be continued .........after the marriage to...ah, well yes Freemo

muffin » Freemo: *pssst* it's your turn

Freemo: Since 7 years i knew... I have looking for someone like you, Lee, I search and find you
Freemo: I want you - I need you Iam so happy with u... I will ever walk with you and i love ) So i go on with u in my feo life too

Leethan: Freemo, you're my light in the darkness, my water and shade, my rainbow in the morning. I love you. I will stand beside you til the end of time.

muffin » Freemo: Ok, so you wanna marry him, yeah?
Freemo » muffin: yes
muffin » Leethan: So after 7 years slavery you now wish for them to be turned in eternety?
Leethan: Pretty sure....means Yes

muffin: Anyone disagree? Did not used mirror since 7 am...?

muffin: So here I stand with the power vested in me.. I pronounce you Husband and his Wife!


7:46 PM As of 22.01.2017, Leethan [13] and Freemo [12] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:


Sunday, March 5th 2017, 5:41pm

ExTrEmELSniper & - Video Girl -

The Story:

Two love birds found their game path to be together and shared some feelings. Therefore they decided to get married and continue all their doings together.

The Wedding:

We are gathered here today, Dear All
Because upon two magmars love have fall. :love3:
:lol: They asked me again to rhyme,
Yet I will try to do my best this time!
ExTrEmELSniper [7] is the Groom today :wink:
And his Bride - Video Girl - [7] is to pretty in this fine day! :love1:
:no2: They are have not been Alpha or Beta or some other ever,
They are strong and decent Omega’s forever! :knight:

:stronger: Their level, strength and swords does fit
And in battlefields they always go together to do the right hit. :fight:
Their fights they almost never lose :no2:
Because their armors are filled with the “Love Booze”. :love2:
:stronger: No matter if the challenge is hard,
They will never try to handle it apart. :tease:
:smile: Spending time together they always do,
And all the time repeat to each other “I so much love you!”. :sleep:
Therefore they have chosen to connect in marriage their paths together, :love1:
To unite their love, passion and swords forever.

muffin » ExTrEmELSniper: So here come to moment you shall vow to love and always cheer your wife…
muffin » ExTrEmELSniper: ..Where you shall promise to protect her with the last drop left of your life…
muffin » ExTrEmELSniper: …No matter sometimes you can get ‘heat’… :beaten:
muffin » ExTrEmELSniper: … All the time shared with her, you vow, to be sweet … :pie:

Spoiler -> Bier: now would be a good time to start with being "sweet" snips

muffin » ExTrEmELSniper: … And if you all that you wish to do…
muffin » ExTrEmELSniper: .. Now is the moment to say “I do! I vow to be forever loving you!” :love3:

ExTrEmELSniper » muffin: I do

muffin » - Video Girl -: My sweat child, beautiful Bride! My Dear…
muffin » - Video Girl -: …Now is the time for all of us to hear…
muffin » - Video Girl -: … That you shall as well vow him to be his in Day and Night… :glance:
muffin » - Video Girl -: … Whenever he would need you to be with him, in moments wrong or right…
muffin » - Video Girl -: … And if you all that you wish to do…

Spoiler -> Bier: you can still run vg, I'll hold him back :X

muffin » - Video Girl -: .. Now is the moment to say “I do! I vow to be forever loving you!”

- Video Girl - » muffin: I do

Oh, well, if this marriage you do not want to be –
:glance: Please craw out of the hole you are and scream “I disagree!”
Else then just stay quiet in the dark,
No need to show your monster face, no need to bark!

Oh, no! -> Bier: oh I do, but they know that :lol:
muffin » Bier: Reasons for not agreeing?
Bier » muffin: do you know vg and snips? she stands strong and he just surrenders :P
muffin » Bier: That's called marriage, woman, keep quiet now :lol: They are doing it right :lol:
Bier » muffin: :lol:
ExTrEmELSniper » Bier, muffin: can we have a curse of silence ? :lol:

:speak: :speak: :speak:

muffin: With this powers Vested in me today and in this Faeo life –
muffin: I pronounce ExTrEmELSniper [7] - Video Girl - [7] HUSBAND and his WIFE!


17:09 As of 05.03.2017, ExTrEmELSniper [7] and - Video Girl - [7] are officially married in accordance with the laws of Faean marriage.

Those enamoured couples that were walking down the streets of the capital may count themselves incredibly lucky! Consecrator muffin created for them wondrous fireworks, the sparkles of which merge into a giant heart pierced by a flaming arrow!
:angel: Choose me for your Consecrator :kiss2:

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