Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Information about curses
Curse of Rejection
A punishment that a player receives for serious game rule violations. Characters with such a curse are 90% less likely to obtain monetary rewards for killing monsters and it prevents the receipt of quest items and other items. Access to the exchange, auction, estate and post office closes. A ban in enforced on trading, obtaining resources, joining groups, participating in clan events (access to the citadel, treasury, bank deposit boxes and clan management functions closes). Contact with NPCs becomes unavailable.

Charge Punishment
§4. Fights and Battles e. It is not allowed to enter battlefields and not to take part in the course of the battlefield. indefinitely

Curse of Poverty
The curse restricts the character’s ability to fight on the Battlefields, use professional skills, trade, gain energy, sell items to traders, use mail and auction services, accepting group invitations, and join battles for the Fault. The curse reduces the amount of money obtained from monsters by 90%. You can lift the curse in the dungeon.

Charge Punishment
Real life threats in chat - violation of Punishments article 1.1. Violation to the rules of communication indefinitely