Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Divine Cuisses of Ecstasy

Cuisses 99/1 Bonecrusher
Level 16  21 Air Fire

Agility +21
Protection +7
Initiative +4
Intuition +100
Light-Darkness protection +30
Earth-Water protection +117
Strength +220
Wisdom +250
Amount of life +118
Mana level +55
This item is non-transferable
The item can be reinforced with resin

Divine Ecstasy Armor set
Unique Killer Axe
Divine Armor of Ecstasy
Divine Chainmail of Ecstasy
Divine Pauldrons of Ecstasy
Divine Gauntlets of Ecstasy
Divine Cuisses of Ecstasy
Divine Boots of Ecstasy
Divine Helmet of Ecstasy
Set bonus:

5 items:
  +108 strength
  +30 intuition
  +67 wisdom
  Traumatism +6
8 items:
  +132 strength
  +42 intuition
  +100 wisdom
  Traumatism +14