Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Divine Armor of Deviation

Cuirass 99/1 Dodger
Level 16  23 Light Shadow

Agility +135
Protection +22
Initiative +4
Intuition +8
Fire-air protection +140
Earth-Water protection +90
Strength +306
Vitality +159
Wisdom +332
Mana level +103
This item is non-transferable
The item can be reinforced with resin

Divine Deviation Armor set
Unique Deviation Axe
Unique Hurricane Axe
Divine Armor of Deviation
Divine Chainmail of Deviation
Divine Pauldrons of Deviation
Divine Gauntlets of Deviation
Divine Cuisses of Deviation
Divine Boots of Deviation
Divine Helmet of Deviation
Set bonus:

5 items:
  +108 strength
  +30 agility
  +67 wisdom
  Traumatism +6
9 items:
  +132 strength
  +42 agility
  +100 wisdom
  Traumatism +14