Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Tranquility Shield

Light shield 125/125 Heavyweight
Level 12  6 Water Earth

Protection +23
Intellect +35
Light-Darkness protection +30
Strength +55
Wisdom +28
Amount of life +76
The item can be reinforced with resin

Tranquility set
Tranquility Chain Mail
Tranquility Sword
Tranquility Armour
Tranquillity Cuirass (Copy)
Tranquility Pauldrons
Tranquility Bracers
Tranquility Cuisses
Tranquility Boots
Tranquility Helmet
Tranquility Shield
Set bonus:

5 items:
  +43 vitality
  +18 protection
9 items:
  +52 vitality
  +25 protection