Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Arkhon Cuirass

Cuirass 46/46 Dodger
Level 11  53 Light Shadow

Agility +116
Fire-air protection +50
Earth-Water protection +10
Strength +199
Vitality +83
Wisdom +186
Mana level +60
The item can be reinforced with resin
You must hold the rank of War Expert to obtain or use this item.

Arkhon set
Arkhon Dagger
Arkhon Chainmail
Arkhon Sword
Artful Arkhon Chainmail
Artful Arkhon Pauldrons
Artful Arkhon Bracers
Artful Arkhon Cuisses
Artful Arkhon Boots
Artful Arkhon Dagger
Artful Arkhon Sword
Artful ArKhon Cuirass
Artful Arkhon Helmet
Arkhon Cuirass
Arkhon Pauldrons
Arkhon Bracers
Arkhon Cuisses
Arkhon Boots
Arkhon Helmet
Set bonus:

5 items:
  +53 strength
  +27 dexterity
  +45 wisdom
9 items:
  +69 strength
  +38 dexterity
  +55 wisdom