Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Cutthroat Boots

Feet 95/95 Generalist
Level 3  90

Protection +2
Strength +7
Amount of life +9

Cutthroat set
Worn Quickstep Boots
Worn Through Cutthroat Boots
Cutthroat Vest
Cutthroat Pauldrons
Cutthroat Bracers
Cutthroat Padded Shirt
Cutthroat Boots
Cutthroat Broadsword
Cutthroat Reinforced Buckler
Cutthroat Helmet
Cutthroat Cuisses
Set bonus:

5 items:
  +8 strength
  +8 intuition
9 items:
  +13 strength
  +13 intuition