Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Artful Long Dagger

Left hand 43/43 Dodger
Level 7  65

Agility +32
Protection +6
Initiative +3
Intellect +26
Strength +25
Wisdom +53
Amount of life +32
Damage +2.8 .. +4.2

Chrome set
Chrome Long Dagger
Chrome Claymore
Artful Chrome Armour
Artful Chrome Chainmail
Artful Chrome Boots
Artful Chrome Pauldrons
Artful Chrome Bracers
Artful Chrome Cuisses
Artful Long Dagger
Artful Claymore
Artful Chrome Helmet
Chrome Chainmail Shirt
Chrome Pauldrons
Chrome Gauntlets
Chrome Cuisses
Chrome Boots
Chrome Cuirass
Chrome Helmet
Set bonus:

5 items:
   +26 strength
  +26 agility
  anti-trauma +15
9 items:
  +37 strength
  +37 agility
  anti-trauma +25