Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Human Guards





  hellrocker27 [18] 
 Human Guards  [11] 
Clan rating
Rating Name Value in rating Position in global rating
 Valor 173414072 36 place
 Experience 225589823 35 place
 Reputation 161200 47 place
 Clan wars 0 37 place
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Latest achievements
Total Achievements: 57
Best achievements
Total Points: 330
News item #1
We promise to secure our humans lands from cheats, thieves, scammers, and other criminals.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime:

Questions and complaints about the work of the guards:
- Head Guard : hellrocker27

Team Operations
Investigations of Multiplayers, Powerleveling, Violation of trade rules

Team Investigation
Rigged fights, Valour leeching, Account Sharing, Hacked characters, Hackers, Bot users, Black Market deals, Attack Rule Break

Team Review
Reviewing of handled cases, and old cases (6month+) to see if there is any chances of amnesty for players, change of old curses to new rules.

Team Economic
Follow up loans, update calculation list , profiles and forbidden nicknames, handling of foul or insulting gifts, trade fraud, approving of marriage and divorces
News item #2
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