Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Human Guards





  - Clamatis - [14] 
 Human Guards  [12] 
Clan rating
Rating Name Value in rating Position in global rating
 Valor 220325694 66 place
 Experience 355293133 58 place
 Reputation 165200 91 place
 Clan wars 0 69 place
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Latest achievements
Total Achievements: 65
Best achievements
Total Points: 370
News item #1
We promise to secure our humans lands from cheats, thieves, scammers, and other criminals.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime:

Questions and complaints about the work of the guards:
- Head Guard : - Clamatis -

Team Operations
Investigations of Multiplayers, Powerleveling, Violation of trade rules

Department Head: JohnGR

Team Investigation
Rigged fights, Valour leeching, Account Sharing, Hacked characters, Hackers, Bot users, Black Market deals, Attack Rule Break

Department Head: Mattatore

Team Review
Reviewing of handled cases, and old cases (6 months+) to see if there are any chances of amnesty for players, change of old curses to new rules.

Department Head: Zoltrix
Team Economic
Follow up loans, update calculation list , profiles and forbidden nicknames, handling of foul or insulting gifts, trade fraud, approving of marriage and divorces

Department Head: HumansCaptain
News item #2
Languages Spoken as well as English:
Turkish: - Clamatis -, HumansCaptain, Saltuk
German: - Clamatis -
Italian: Mattatore, JohnGR
Greek: JohnGR, Zoltrix
Polish: -kombinator-

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News item #3
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