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 Clan Wars. Inteviews05.06.2019 17:00

Warriors of Faeo! With three weeks of this year’s clan wars coming to an end and league selection being right here upon us, the Chronicler’s Team has decided, in keeping with tradition, to bring you this season’s clan war interviews.



With a few tough battles behind our competitors and many more coming their way this is a chance for our heroes to kick back, maybe have a laugh or two, while finding out what is on the minds of their competition and compadres. So as these valiant clans gather their warriors, prepare their buffs, and discuss their strategies for even tougher fights, let’s take a look on some Q&A!

2. If you could change one thing about clan wars what would it be?


not to allow mounts

Hostilis Humanis

Besides the level range :lol::lol: more unique prizes

Magmar Guards

Make a special feast after each fight won, not only rewards at the end of the season. Toff is always hungry and fights better if he had food.

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4. If you had your own banner with slogan for clan wars, what would it say?


Please be there on time, Its Clan Wars!!! seriously...i dont have any...its just a game...just get people together and fight....and done...then u get back to picking plants or not 4 years old to be excited to be in game just to join for an event at 2 am in the morning and yell my slogans out loud

Hostilis Humanis

Someone has to be the best in the world, why not us.

Children Of Chaos

"stop turning up 5 mins late" - I want wave it at clan all day


"30% of the time, we always win."

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5. Do you have any advice for your leader? (anonymous!)

Children Of Chaos

stop talking when you rage

Human Guards

Yea one advice lol, I know our guild is a very hard job and recruitment process is very tough as well, but would be really nice to have a good number of players in clan :P "


be online more and ask if everyone is ok from time to time

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You can find the rest of the questions and answers in our library!

Click Here!

We are currently preparing a new round of interviews and we would love to have all clans to come forward to participate. If you wish to take part in next interviews please contact:

Warlordekkie for Human side,

-TheRiddle- or LordOfNightmares for Magmar side.

We still have a long road ahead of us!
Stay tuned for more news!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Mattel 05.06.2019 19:06
you literally interviewed a clan that has NEVER been there, and a clan that went­ there either never or once :lol:
2. Hakan The Khan 05.06.2019 19:40
So you guys need news material, you just interview clans which didn't­ participate and clans which didn't even get close to gold league or do­ something to be recognized. Favouritism much?
3. akyr 06.06.2019 18:08
The DarkSide Censored per clan leader request. where i can find the­ uncensored Version :D ?
4. OriginalSith 06.06.2019 23:11
akyr, you dont want to see it, thats why I requested it be removed. Nobody was­ interviewed, yet we were shown as answering questions. We have a high standard­ to adhere to when participating in questionaires and other events like this...­ so its our way or no way period. Enough said ;)
5. -TheRiddle- 07.06.2019 07:53
Hello, all of the interviews were and are real. Including the interview­ conducted with the Darkside member. Just because they refused to come out and­ decided to stay anonymous, doesn't mean the interview was faked. However the­ answers were censored per your request. Best Regards, Riddle.

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