Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Magmar Guards





The following are forbidden in the Game:

• Power leveling of a character
It is not allowed to have several characters registered by the same player with the purpose of improving the wealth of one of these characters.

• Registration of a second character
It is allowed to have more than one character on the side of both races, but they may not enter the same fight. If a player has an additional character that is only used for giving an advantage to his other character, e. g. by only using it for activities that are concerned with obtaining game money and /or items and giving it to the first character this will be regarded as a violation of §1a. The game administration might charge diamonds for compensation.

• Creating a character to circumvent a ban of another character
If a player is banned for any reason they may under no circumstances create a new account.

• Using a game character to circumvent game limitations
The commercial use of a game character in order to circumvent game limitations is not allowed. This includes the use of amulets of resurrection, the use of a character for spying locations or registering a character to avoid curses in the forum or in the chat.

• It is not allowed:
To deceive a player with the goal of receiving or selling an item.
To deceive a trade partner about the characteristics of an item.
Deceit, delusion or concealing information from the administration or the guards.
Deceit and delusion in the name of the administration.
The forgery of evidence.

• To use external programmes to improve and/or automate your game opportunities. Such programmes may be referred to as bots or autobots and their use is considered to be cheating. They include Flash accelerator programmes.

• To use in your character (nick)name unapproved vocabulary, insulting language, offensive language, politically insensitive language, language that may inflame international discord or links to other internet sites. To avoid confusion, it is also forbidden to use in your character (nick)name any names which are the same as or similar to those used by the Administration or any NPC (non-player controlled character).

• To use letters from any alphabet other than the Latin alphabet or special signs like &,$, § (exception: - and _ are allowed) in your character (nick)name.

• To enter external links in your character info other than those to game-related websites or to personal social networking pages, so long as they are in accordance with the Game Rules and the User Agreement.

• To call into question or defame the honour and integrity of any member of the Administration, other players or third parties not related to the game.

• To violate or ignore the chat rules systematically and/or deliberately.

• To exploit software errors (bugs) in the game and to disseminate information about them to third parties other than the Administration.

• To send, transfer, reproduce or distribute in any manner the game software or any other material, in whole or in part, which is protected by copyright and other rights, without the express and prior permission of the owner or legal rights-holder.

• To disseminate information of an openly sexual nature (in any form) that is not intended for access by persons who are not legally adult.

• To perform or incite a third party to perform actions which are illegal, including actions related to narcotic substances, terrorism, the overthrow of legal authorities of any nature, pornography or any form of discrimination by gender, age, religion, disability or any other definition.

• To transfer the particulars of your character (i.e. login and password) to another player, for free, for game money, for real money or for any other form of payment. This includes allowing a third party to access your account and play it on your behalf, whether you login for them or not.

• To participate in battlefields (Crystalline Caves, Arena of the Underground Knights and Ancient Temple of the Chosen and others that may be added) where the outcome is rigged by, but not limited to, pre-determining, through any medium, the outcome of the battlefield with the enemy, discussing, through any medium, the equipment to be used in the battlefield with the enemy and discussing, through any medium, fight strategy with the enemy.

For these and other violations of the Game Rules, including violation of the Chat Rules, the Administration reserves the right to punish the User immediately and without prior notification, by denying access, in part or in whole, to the Game and any or all of its services, in part or in whole.

The Administration shall govern and administer the Game entirely at its own discretion. Use of the Game shall be initiated solely at the User’s discretion on an ‘as and when’ basis. The Administration bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect harm that may be suffered by the player through efforts to obtain the services of the Game or through a failure to obtain such services.