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There are currently five help structures that help with making the staying in the world of Faeo more pleasant. Here you will find here what exactly each of the structures does and what questions you may ask their representatives.
 The Order of Guards. The main task of the structure is the creation of a comfortable playing environment and enforcement of the Game Rules.
If someone insulted you in chat or if you think that someone's message is violating the curent game rules, you can report them to a representative of the Order. To do so, just right-click on the time of the message and select the «Complain» option from the appearing menu. The measure of the punishment will depend on the severity of the violation.
If you have been punished and don't agree with the penalty that has been applied to you, you can file a complaint in our special section of the forums: Human Complaints and Magmar Complaints.
Order of Guards structure and the responsibilities:
Head of the Order: recruiting and training new members.
Second in Command: supporting the Head of the Order, training new members, helping the team.
Operations department: investigation and punishment of game violations (Multiplayer, Powerleveling, Trade rules).
Investigation Department: investigation and punishment of game violations (Rigged fights, Valour leeching, Account Sharing, Hacking and Botusers or Black Market)
Review Department: review of handled and old cases, amnesty for players, change of old curses in accordance with new rules.
Ecomomic department: investigation and punishment of game violations (loans, calculation list, profiles, forbidden nicknames, foul/insulting gifts, trade fraud). Approving/denying marriage and divorce applications.
 The Order of Mentors. The main task of the structure is to provide information support to players. 
Have you just started playing and for you the world of Faeo is full of mysteries? Refer to the Mentors, which can be identified by the characteristic icon next to a character's nickname. 
Representatives of this structure are on duty in the game daily and will gladly answer any of your questions. A lot of useful information can be found on their website.
If you are an experienced player and want to help beginners along their staying in War of Dragons, you can apply to join this game structure.
 Jesters are responsible for organizing fun events for other players.
You can not sit still, you are filled with creative ideas, and you want to do something unsual and fun? You will be greeted with joy by the Jesters! 
The Representatives of this structure do they best to prepare many exciting events for your every taste. Artistic, literary, logical and luck events await for you.
The Jesters hold their events in a special section of the forum, as well as directly in the game. Do not miss your chance to have a great time and win great rewards!
 Chroniclers help with keeping the Library and all available information correct and up-to-date.
The Chroniclers browse through information and links in our Library and in the game and no mistakes can escape their watchful eyes. They gather all the mistakes and outdated information and help to update it. They also provide some translations to other languages.
 Consecrators are responsible for organizing and conducting in-game weddings.
Have you found your soul mate in the vastness of Faeo and dream of marriage? There is nothing easier, ask the Consecrators for help!
Representatives of this structure will not only officially register your marriage according to Faeo's laws, but also hold a stunning wedding ceremony for you and your guests. If your partner turned out not to be your true second half, then Consecrators will conduct your divorce, so you can begin a new search for that special someone.


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