How to Fix Flash Pop-up

Flash Pop-up Fix (Method 1)

Oh no! Flash message on your screen! Nothing to worry about! Here you will find easy guide in pictures how to fix it!

1. Right click on the screen. On the bottom you will get a menu. Choose 'Global Settings'

2. Then a Pop-up settings window will appear. Directly on the first tab choose click on 'Delete All'

3. Then another Pop-up will show. Click on 'Delete Data'

4. After you do that the latest Pop-up will self close and you will be left back to main settings pannel.
Go to 'Advanced', again select 'Delete all'

5. Again new Pop-up will show. Click on 'Delete Data'

6. Close the Settings pannel completely. Go to the top menu and select 'Error!', then 'Delete obsolate files and clear cache'. Your client will stuck for e few minutes. Be patient!

7. Then, after the 'stuck' situation is over 'Refresh', or just press F5 on you keyboard.

8. After that you will no longer have Flash message on your screen and you can play with no issues!

Flash Pop-up Fix (Method 2)

1. Right click on the region screen and click 'global settings' or 'general settings'

2. A window will open 'flash player settings manager' choose 'storage' tab from top left side of that window

3. Click 'local storage settings by site' button at bottom side

4. select 'warofdragons' part from there and click remove button from bottom side, then close the window

5. Now close and re-open client. The problem should be solved

Cheers to muffin and onurum tr for the Guide and Guide2.


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