Clan Functions
Each member of the clan gets access to a special clan menu. The level of access and ability of a particular player in the clan depends on his rank.
Head of the clan has access to all the functions of the clan and can give access to certain functions to different ranks.
The clan leader has access to the change in the clan statute.
There is also the possibility of creating news and notifications. Add and modify them can be members of the clan that have the appropriate permissions.
In addition, you can change the titles from standard to unique, suitable for the theme of the clan.  

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One of the useful features of the clan is the clan treasury. Access to it is in the bank building, putting things and money in the cell, and only holders of certain ranks that are available to this action, who are in the clan for at least 14 days and have a character level of 5 and above, can take them from there. 
The clan may have a «clan tax». It goes to the needs of the clan. In this case, when you take anything from the clan treasury, the player also pays the clan tax. In such clans there is a list of things added and taken from the treasury.
Also, this list is in clans that actively develop the reputation of Spirit Charmers.

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Clans can be combined into alliances. The alliance consists of three clans. It can be completely different clans, united to achieve common goals, or sub-clans. For example, quite often well-developed clans create separate communities for young warriors (recruits) or clan veterans who for some reason can not devote enough time to the game.
Clans in the alliance have different coffers. Moreover, all captures of castles, towers and clan wars, passage of clan quests, reputations, clan rating and everything else for each clan of the alliance are independent of each other, and are counted only for one clan.
If you are going to create an alliance based on your clan, then you need to enter the alliance name in a special field and click the «Create Alliance» button .
Now you can invite all the alliance to other clans. To do this, enter the name of the clan in a special field and click the «Invite into Alliance» button.
Creation of an alliance can only clan, received the second step.

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Do not forget about the rating of the clan. It is determined by the amount of experience and valor gained by clan members from the moment they join the clan and the reputation of the Spiritmaster recruited by the clan. You can see the rating of the clans in the Character Menu ()   Rating ()  Clan Rankings.
You can see the current characteristics of your clan through the Character Menu ( Clan ( Information.
Also information about the clan can be viewed by clicking on the clan icon next to the player's nickname.


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The history of the clan – is a special tab in the clan information window, where the most significant events and dates from the life of the clan are inscribed:
 Getting a new clan level;
 Getting the next clan title;
 The attainment of the next stage in clan development;
 The receipt by a new clan of a clan;
 Getting a clan of the next rank;
 Getting a warrior clan medal;
 The entry of a warrior into a clan;
 Leaving the warrior from the clan;
 Wedding or divorce of a clan member;
 Victory or defeat in the clan battle;
 Changing the head of the clan;
 Joining or leaving the clan from the alliance;
 Construction of the Clan Citadel
It should also be noted that clans that have a coat of arms can hide the history of the clan.


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