Hotkey tutorial

Hot keys are keys or the combinations of several keys, with which you can perform tasks without using a computer mouse. They can be more convenient in combat.

The list of keys and actions for which they respond is given in this table:

Action Key
Blow from above Q / UP
Blow forward W / RIGHT
Blow from below E / DOWN
Block R / LEFT
Skipping blow Space
Switching normal / spell blow Tab
Spell 1 Q
Spell 2 W
Spell 3 E
Spell 4 R
Spell 5 T
Spell 6 A
Spell 7 S
Spell 8 D
Spell 9 F
Spell 10 G
Pocket 1 1
Pocket 2 2
Pocket 3 3
Pocket 4 4
Pocket 5 5
Pocket 6 6th
Previous Belt [
Next Belt ]
Combat Backpack B
Mount M
Glaze 1 T
Glaze 2 Y
Glaze 3 U
Glaze 4 I
Choosing yourself on the battle list Z
Selecting enemy in the battle list X
Using the banner in battle >

Attention! To use hot keys in combat, you you have to choose it in the personal settings of your character.

We wish you a pleasant game!


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