The Order of Mentors


 Welcome Warrior, into the Order of Mentors! 

You are now in a position of honour amongst your fellow warriors. To be in this Order is to be a trusted and helpful player, answering queries and directing players to relevant parts of the site.

Here you will find the rules all Mentors must abide by. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in a your dismissal from the Order!

Mentors are players whose special responsibility is to assist other players, especially new players. They do this by answering any reasonable questions about the game, and helping solve any difficulties new players may have with the game, other players, or the site. They may have a direct answer, or they may point players in the right direction where they can get more specific help.

 Mentor Applications

Mentor applications are only accepted when there is a need for new Mentors. At those times, a forum section called "Mentor Applications" becomes available and you can post your application there. Please do NOT write in the Hall of Mentors. If you are accepted, you will be informed by in-game post.

Applications to join the Order of the Mentors can be posted in the following links:

Human Mentor Applications
Magmar Mentor Applications

Note: You must have the Game Client installed to use the functions of a Mentor. You will not be able to use the Chat Log functions that are vital to your role as Mentor without it. Make sure you download the "Full (with media) + plugins" to get the full experience of the game now.

Click here to DOWNLOAD

 Mentors' Duties:

To assist new players in Settlement of Chernag or the Settlement of Klesva .



Mentors are required to complete a minimum of 10 shifts per week. There is no limit to the number of shifts that can be performed by a single Mentor.

The maximum number of shifts that should be done consecutively is two hours. This may only be ignored if there are no other mentors present to provide relief.

NOTE: It is also preferred that shifts be spread over as many days in the week as possible.

2. To help players with questions and difficulties they ask in private and location chat. It is, however, perfectly reasonable to ask a player to wait for information if you are busy, or refer him/her to another Mentor. It is also reasonable to suggest to players who habitually ask a lot of questions to try and get information from the game guides or forums before asking a Mentor directly.

3. To help maintain a safe and friendly environment within the game for all players of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and both sexes.

4. To mediate in disputes between players, where possible, and to refer relevant cases to the Guards.

5. To moderate the chat and give verbal warnings, warning gags and longer gags where appropriate when chat rules are broken.

6. To refer suspected cases of rule-breaking to the Guards .

 New Trainee Mentors:

First you MUST:

1. Read the Trainees Guidebook

2. Familiarise yourself very thoroughly with the Mentor Code of Conduct

3. The Head Mentor will inform you of which Mentors within the Order can oversee your training. The Mentor's role here is to assist you in private (for example: prv[Airlia]) where necessary during your shift and offer advice and instruction to you on how to answer questions and deal with players breaking the chat rules. You yourself will be talking to the players during the shift. You can ask any of the noted "Trainers" to oversee your training shifts, it does not have to be the same one throughout your training period.

4. Do at least five hours of training shifts per week, over a two week period. If, after this time, your shifts are of a suitable standard for promotion to a full Mentor, then you will become a Mentor with the M symbol and powers to gag players. You also start receiving Mentor pay once you are promoted to full Mentor.


Now, in addition to the above, you now have the power to moderate the Chat. What this entails, is for you to make sure that Chat Rules are not broken.

All Guards & Mentors will be following this procedure when a player (whatever the level) is not following the chat rules on a complaint:

1. Warning Gag with Explanation
2. Appropriate Gag with Explanation
3. Note if you deem necessary to bypass the 1 min warning gag when the situation calls for it, do so. Just remember that you will be accountable to your action and be ready to stand by it.
4. Complain with your explanation.

The proper procedure is to Gag first, Private message the offender with a polite but firm explanation and then Complain.

These rules only apply to complaints. If a Mentor witnesses a chat infraction while playing the game, they are obligated to handle the situation. In this instance a Mentor should NOT use the complaint feature but handle it themselves and report the gag, along with the chat log, in the appropriate thread designated by your HM. 

 Forum posts

It is helpful if Mentors make a special effort to go through the Forums answering posts where they can.

The following sections of the forum should be checked regularly:

Mentor Advice
Game Guides
Game Masters
Hall of Mentors
City Pub

 Training Shifts

Once you have some experience as a Mentor, you will be able to accompany trainees on training shifts. You will be informed by the Head Mentor once you are experienced enough to do this. On a training shift, you advise the trainee in private chat on how to answer questions and deal with people, and use your gagging ability if it is required. 

 Removal from the Order of Mentors

Any player can be removed from the Order of Mentors at any time by the Administration without being offered an explanation. You should ask your Head Mentor, though, if you want an answer, since it is they who call upon the Admins to remove players from the Order.

 Mentor Ranks

As you become more experienced as a Mentor, you will work your way up the Mentor ranks, which are based on your shift number and quality, and any other ways you contribute to the game. Those who do more than 10 shifts consistently, will be rewarded by higher ranks within the list of members in the Hall of Mentors. The ranks are as follows in decending order:

Head Mentor

Looks after the recruiting, promotion or demotion of Mentors and checks you Chat Logs to determine your pay. They are your guide and council to refer to when Admin are not able to help. They are also the absolute authority in mentors.

Assistant Head Mentor

When the Head Mentor is not able to be around to check your Chat Logs or be consulted for help, the Assistant Head Mentor will take over their duties and will have all obligations and powers derived from this job.

Veteran Mentor

To be a Veteran is to be a top Star Mentor who has shown excellence in learning to training new mentors. You will also have at least 6 months service as a Mentor under your belt and have proven yourself to be very knowlegable about the game. Veterans have great attitudes and leadership qualities. They are trusted completely by the Head & Assistant Head Mentors and are often sought out for advice and consultation about Mentor issues. This rank is for top standing mentors.

Star Mentor

They are top performers that consistently complete 7 - 10 shifts a week, they show leadership qualities and are above expectations in terms of game knowledge. These members assist the Veteran Mentors in training of new Mentors.


Looks after the chat window, helping players and making sure players abide by the rules. They are required to complete a minimum of 10 shifts per week.

Trainee Mentor

No payment - After two weeks training with designated Trainers and successfuly completing the Mentor Trial, you will earn your Mentor badge and powers. Pay will begin after your first week as a qualified Mentor.

Lazy / Trainee Mentor

0 Gold - Training consists of completing 5 training shifts a week for two weeks. Instructions on how to begin will be provided to you by the Head Mentor. If you have not complied with the requirements, you will be removed from the Order of Mentors. 


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