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If you want to start playing straight away here is a Quick Start Guide explaining the basics of the game interface. The image below is what you will see if you land in the City of Dartrong.

  • 1 - use this menu to move between different locations, alternatively move your cursor around the Main screen and click on the highlighted objects
  • 2 - the list of players at the current location
  • 3 - the chat and messages window
  • 4 - use this area to enter chat messages, click on the player's name on to send a PERSONAL message, click on the arrow in front of the name to send a PRIVATE message
  • 5 - this is the main menu, used for .... well almost everything else, we'll leave it for you to explore.
  • 6 - get your first quest from one of the Town Chiefs tin the middle of the screen -  click on the figure and a new screen with the quest will open. 

    Your first quest - The Chief will send you to the shop to buy and equip (put on) your first armour. Don't try to fight monsters without your armour!

    IMPORTANT: If you want to move forward in this game you will need to cooperate with other players, especially when hunting monsters. Monsters in this game are strong, but they can be killed much easier if you attack them together with another player.

    WANT TO KNOW MORE? Read the Book of Novices!

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