Battlefields of Equals
The brave warriors of Faeo who have reached level 11 or higher have the oportunity to take part in fights at the Battlefields of Equals. These are unique Battlefields where players from all three servers can take part in fights between one another!

For the Battlefields of Equals we have dedicated a special server, which we call Gladiator server and developed a new unique format:

1. There are no level groups in the Battlefields of Equals: warriors can take part in battles only with adversaries of the same level.

2. Participants are teleported to the battlefield without armor, temporary effects, mounts, pets, and artifacts. After the battles warriors can take away from the Gladiator server rewards only: for example Badges for series of victories in the Arena.

3. At the battlefields before the fights warrioirs can purchase armour set of the desired school of magic, necessary scrolls, elixirs, and other consumables, as well as sets of Gnomes' jewellry.

4. Warriors will have a minute to purchase armor and equipment. From the shop you will be able to move directly to one of the battlefields. The rest of the features of the battlefields are identical to the well known Crystaline Caves, Ancient Temple and the Arena of the Underground Knights.

5. Timeout of the hits in the Battlefields of Equals is 10 seconds.

6. For victory at the Battlefields of Equals warriors will be awarded with the increased amount of valor.

7. At the Battlefields of Equals all the tasks of the Order of the Underground Knights will be available, including those related to the Adugar's feats and series of victories. Moreover, victories at the Gladiator server are added up to the victories on other servers when aquiring achievements for number of victories at the Battlefields.


Upon return from the Battlefields of Equals all the acquired items will be removed from warriors' backpacks.

Battlefields of Equals Schedule

Tuesday 20:00 - 21:00 Arena of Equals
Thursday 20:00 - 21:00 Arena of Equals
Friday 19:00 - 21:00 Temple of Equals
Saturday 19:00 - 21:00 Caves of Equals

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