Quest Guidebook

Quests are tasks given to you by the many inhabitants of Faeo. By completing their tasks you will receive various rewards: experience, elixirs, battle ammunition, professions etc.
You can obtain your first quests from the settlement chief.   Magmars will find their chief, Torgor, sitting on his Zorb on the right-hand side of the Settlement of Chernag, whilst   Humans will find Chief Kort leaning on his tiger on the left-hand side of the Settlement of Klesva.
Chief Torgor, waiting for new warriors in the Settlement of Chernag  
Chief Kort, waiting for new warriors in the Settlement of Klesva
It is here that you adventures will begin, leading you across the entire world Faeo to meet its inhabitants, solve problems, conquer enemies, search for answers and make tough decisions, decisions which will not only influence the outcome of any given quest, but also help to decide your entire fate in the world of Faeo.
By clicking on the image of the Chief on the screen, or by clicking his name in the right-hand menu, you will be shown all the quests that he currently has available for you.
Your first quest awaits 
Click the “Next” button by the quest you want to find out more about and you will enter into a dialogue with the NPC (non-player character) in which the task will explained to you. Read through the text by clicking the bold text beneath the NPC text. It will have a little speech bubble next to it, and there may be more than one option for you to choose. So think carefully before you make your choice.

The speech bubble indicates your dialogue options

Important!Read what the NPC is telling you very carefully as his words may contain some important clues to help you solve the quest.
All the quests you take on and their current status are shown in the quest log where you can also find a reminder of your current goal.
Your quest log
You can access the quest log by clicking the button with the red dragon on it from the menu at the top of the screen. It is part of the “Character” sub-menu, which is opened by clicking the green button with the knight’s head on it.

The quest log button is the one with the red dragon on

The quest log summarises which quests you have accepted, gives a description of the quest and gives a summary of your current goal. To read this information, click the  button next to the quest you want to look at. You can also resign quests in the quest log, which is worth doing if you feel you chosen the wrong path or want to re-do part of a quest.
In the course of a quest, you will have to speak to other quest characters who might be able to help you complete your task(s). These characters live in various buildings across Faeo and if you move the mouse cursor of the small yellow figure in a blue/red circle on the map, it will grow bigger and the panel in the upper-right corner will tell you what character lives there. You can also use the Navigator to help find NPCs, monsters, resources and other locations.

Find out who lives where by moving your mouse over the circle with the small golden figure in

Important! Pay attention to the picture of your current location as you might find a game character (NPC) living in any part of it, be it an abandoned mine, a hut in the forest, or even some indistinguishable little backwater.
If you come across an NPC with this grey symbol…:

Quests available to you when level up are indicated by this symbol

…by a quest title, it means that the quest will not be available to you until the next level.
Top tip 1: If you want to find out where a character lives, have a look at the Game Characters section in the Library. You can also find locations, characters, resources and monsters by using the Navigator.
Top tip 2: If you forget what you need to do for any given quest, use the quest log to find out your current goal(s).
Top tip 3: If you come across a problem which you cannot solve by yourself, try asking another player in the chat or on the forum in this section of the forum. Particularly useful are the Mentors, who can be identified by this  symbol next to their name in the list of players in chat. There always someone around who can help!


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