Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Gilded Chest

Caskets, Chests
Level 4  35

This item is non-transferable
Item does not occupy space in backpack
A special version of Precious Chest. Open it to receive from 1 to 3 rare or rarity prizes from the list of rewards for Special Precious Chest, along with a large number of Merchant Marks. The chest contains no general or additional prizes.

Compared to Special Precious Chest:
- The chance of getting a rarity is 70 times higher.
- You are guaranteed to receive one Silver Horseshoe of Luck (if you do not have the maximum number of horseshoes of this type already), and your chance of receiving a Golden Horseshoe is 70 times higher.
- The chance of getting a Lucky Cerrador Statuette is 70 times higher.
- The number of precious stones received is 10 times greater, and the chance of receiving them is 7 times higher.

Can only be purchased at the City Fair.

Inside you may find:
Cerrador Amulet and Scorpolion Amulet
Titan Sash
Seal of Antimagic Folio
Mass Healing Folio
Legendary Working Tool Certificate
Warrior Weapons Frame Certificate
Battle Axes Symbol
Shoemaker Token 10-35pcs
Little Cerrador Medallion
Large Bright Crystal
Young Scorpolion Medallion
Joker Card
War Mage amulet fragments
• Closed Chess Pieces of all levels
Prayerful Call
Merchant Marks
Card essence 4-8pcs
Other prizes
items for reputation "Arbiters of Fate"