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    If you have acquired one of the extractive professions, you will find it allows you to gather the ingredients for a number of products. You are no doubt wondering what you are supposed to do. As you read through a clear description of what the Geologist profession is, and what the Herbologist profession is will be made clear.

      Both professions are very similar to each other in operation, but are used to extract totally different resources.
      Geologist – this involves the exploration for useful minerals, the search, gathering, and study of various rock formations, minerals, and semi-precious and precious stones. This profession is taught by Tiyery or Gesteyn.

      Herbologist – this is the study of the flora of the world of Faeo, the compilation of herbaria, and the scientific handling of plants (grasses, flowers) for their later use in various areas. This profession is taught by Herbier or Foglio

      Both these professions are dangerous and difficult. Various animals residing in the vicinity will not let the opportunity pass to attack you when you are defenseless and are gathering some resource.

      So, where to begin? The player needs the appropriate tools for both professions.

For the Geologist profession, the player needs a pickaxe, with which the player extracts various useful minerals.

      A player who has chosen to become a Herbologist needs in turn the the sickle. Both of these tools are sold in stores located in the Village of Maettro or on the Ridge of Kayar.






      And so you have the tools of the trade. Well, what do you do with them?

      In order to find out what resources are available to you for extraction, look in the professions window by clicking on the ”profession” button on the right side of your screen.


       In the open window to the left you can see your current mastery level, as well as the maximum mastery level, which depends on the level of the character.


      Just below is the button with which you can use to resign the profession.

      Be careful! If you resign a profession, you will be deprived of all experience and knowledge obtained, as well as any formulas learned. This section presents a table listing all resources that you can extract, as well as the quantity of resources acquired.


      The color of the resource name depends on the probability of increasing your professional experience in extracting this resource. Each color corresponds to its own probability; 


Orange - very high probability of increasing your professional  mastery;

Violet - high probability of increasing your professional  mastery;

Blue - average probability of increasing your professional  mastery;

Green - low probability of increasing your professional  mastery;

Gray - very low probability of increasing your professional  mastery;


      More details about increasing your professional experience will be presented below.



Extraction of resources


      The extraction process itself is very simple and convenient. You just need to transfer to the “hunt” mode.




      Then you must choose a resource to be extracted on the location map  . As a result, the name of the chosen resource will appear on the right in the selected item, as well as how many times it is found in this place, the level of corresponding experience necessary to extract the resource, and a picture of the resource you wish to extract.




      One the left, depending on the kind of resource, there is an active button   or  . Ff pressed, it begins the process of extracting the chosen resource. 


      While the resource is being extracted, a mark is shown on it, showing the extraction process and the number of people attempting to gather that same flower



      Extraction of a mineral or a flower does not always conclude succesfully.  If you were unsuccessful in extracting a mineral, you will see the following notification. 


      If you were successful, you will see a window on the screen announcing this.



      In addition, you will see a report on the resources you extracted.
If you were successful in extracting a mineral or a plant, you will see a notification in the chat room on this subject.


      Likewise, your professional mastery can increase with a successfully completed action. In this case you will see the following notification: 


      The probability of increasing your professional mastery depends on the difference between your mastery level and the minimally necessary mastery for extracting the resource. The greater your experience relative to the experience necessary for extracting the resource, the less is the probability of increasing your experience level.

      Keep in mind: while you are digging for a mineral or trying to pick a plant or, there are animals and monsters next to you. Chances are good they will attack you and all you can do is trying to fight the attacker with the tool. As a weapon, the tool is very ineffective, therefore your chances of winning are not that good. You can see all extracted resources in the inventory. Good luck!


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