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 Day of all warriors20.02.2021 16:00

This holiday has a special significance for the people of Faeo because today it is the Day of the Warrior!

These days Plateau of Silence will become the battleground of the Great Dragons Striagorn and Erifarius. This time the dradons will not fight alone, but will instead choose champions from the experienced Plateau warriors. Any warrior that has won a battle on Plateau has a chance of becoming the Dragon Avatar for one hour.

Dragon Avatar receives an impressive health increase and special abilities that allow to summon spirit helpers into the battle. One can become an Avatar only once and each race can have only one Avatar at a time. Ancient Plateau will also be opened. The portal will be opened for fast access.

Such a global outrage of forces during the celebrations caused an unprecedented magical storm that broke out on Plateau of Silence and the Ancient Plateau: the raging elements distort the usual reality, protecting the warriors from many negative effects!

All restrictions in the Premium Shop have been reset!
Congratulations! Happy Warrior's and Defender's Day!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. orrin 20.02.2021 20:11
There is comment already on this news item. Yours will be the second :)
2. Yogen-no-Ko 20.02.2021 22:11
here i'm the second comment now you are the 3rd :)
3. zAquisgran 20.02.2021 23:43
He all, my comment is No. 3 - and Number 10 will win 10g per post :-)
4. LeoC 21.02.2021 12:06
number 4, waiting for fifth :)
5. --l0wb1rd-- 21.02.2021 14:07
5th +++
6. _GaLacTiCa_ 22.02.2021 04:00
6th Hugs all around Many Blessings All!
7. Jormag 23.02.2021 00:07
zAquisgran, i'm the 7th+3, so 10th, and i need golds :( ftp with some­ Mistletoe :D

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