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 Integration with MY.GAMES is complete!25.02.2021 19:00

Residents of Faeo! We’re happy to inform you that the integration is complete! Log into the new system to access a lot of new options and helpful features.

What has been improved?
MY.GAMES Store is an international gaming platform for publishing and selling video games, with a beta version released in December 2019. Developers and publishers from all over the world can publish their games on it, both Free-to-Play games and games distributed via a Premium model. Currently, MY.GAMES Store has about 300 games - some of which are produced by MY.GAMES and some by external developers. In addition to the shop, the platform has its own messaging and multi-account systems, allowing you to broadcast via integration with the Twitch and Mixer streaming services, and is integrated with an external in-game items shop and with an item trading service operating between players.

What’s new:
  • More games in the catalogue and new items every month.
  • Group chat - you can create interest groups and chat without downloading any extra software or unnecessary registrations. You can find a team without having to log into the game!
  • Streaming your favorite game on popular platforms without needing any intermediate software.
  • The Community tab.
  • MY.GAMES Market will be available right inside the GameCenter (the shop at the old URL will also remain active)
  • GameCenter design updated, interface made faster.
  • Advanced player profiles.
  • The platform’s blog, offering interesting news and information about updates.
  • There will soon be chests from the Games Market available in the MY.GAMES Store.
All of these services can already be accessed by authorized players. If you’re experiencing any trouble integrating your Legend: Legacy of the Dragons account with MY.GAMES, please contact our tech support.
What about gifts?

We haven’t forgotten about them! All the players of level 3 and above, who logged in the game before March 25th, 23:59, will receive gifts from the MY.GAMES team: Crystals of Truth x200, Mithril Key x1, Unstable vial of fog powder x1, Premium Elixir of Rock Skin x1, Celebration Punch V x1, as well as a new achievement:

You can pick up your gift from the Special Offers tab within 30 days of your first login to the game after the integration with MY.GAMES.

Welcome to MY.GAMES!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

31. Mortimer Dave 26.02.2021 21:10
Hi all, Thank you, team of game for integration, and merging, and­ performing the maintenance, and fixing the issues with the­ players. Now, I am happy, too. My.Games/My.Com login sorted, and­ working, Gift and achievement received. Thank you. Sorted well the flash plugin­ case, too. Now, playing good through game client. With communication, all­ will be fixed, I guess. Kind regards :)
32. drancel 04.03.2021 04:35
realmente tengo un problema y es que no puedo entrar a mi pj toraken­ nivel 7 ahora estoy frustrado con todo
33. drancel 04.03.2021 04:35
realmente tengo un problema y es que no puedo entrar a mi pj toraken­ nivel 7 ahora estoy frustrado con todo
34. --SLY-- 04.03.2021 18:10
Client still broken. Login popup is blank so no way to enter username/password.­ Broke on Monday 1st March. Is this only happening for me??
35. _-Eika-_ 06.03.2021 19:04
still no access to the main character - -Eika- 15 days with no response from­ the support ... who are we kidding?
36. milena_215 07.03.2021 17:21
37. Shake 08.03.2021 20:44
Hello, My "Mysterious Statue of Experience" is gone, now i can­ not build anything anymore, because I need to level it up next. How can I­ get ite back? Greetings, Shake
38. edgaro 10.03.2021 23:25
ok, to teraz jak mam usunąć to konto , bo wszedłem za­ wcześnie i teraz mam nową postac, pomocy
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